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04 October

A picture of Debenhams Flowers Moonlit Meadow Bouquet
Autumn is creeping it's way in, with summer soon to be a forgotten memory. The perfect way to keep a touch of summer, a glimmer of nature growing strong whilst everything around us turns to ambers and golds, with leaves falling from trees and rainy days becoming regular, are beautiful bouquets of flowers. My favourite way to brighten up our home, a beautiful sight to wake up to each morning, with the scent of fresh flowers being a comforting scent to envelope yourself in. 

A picture of Debenhams Flowers Moonlit Meadow Bouquet
A picture of Debenhams Flowers Moonlit Meadow Bouquet
A picture of Debenhams Flowers Moonlit Meadow Bouquet

I've always been curious about Debenhams Flowers. I think I'm a bit of a secret Debenhams adorer. It's one of the first places I head to whenever I am in Nottingham, not just adoring the expansive beauty hall full of my favourite brands and makeup counters, but a store I could easily spend hours in going from floor to floor, checking out each section; I'm a definite fan of Debenhams fashion and homewares. I often make cheeky orders over on the Debenhams website, a site which has actually become a favourite of mine for baby orders (I love their neutral baby clothes!) and every time I make an order, I always end up wandering over to the Debenhams Flowers site. 

When I was recently contacted by Debenhams and asked if I would like to receive a bouquet, I couldn't resist Moonlit Meadow, a bouquet so utterly beautiful it instantly stole my heart. As a Country bumpkin, I'm a big fan of flowers which are more unusually pretty, flowers which you could stumble upon whilst walking in the quiet countryside enjoying the sunshine and quietness around you. The Moonlit Meadow is exactly that, a bouquet which features White Avalanche Roses, Trachelium, Blue Thistle, Lisianthus, Green Blooms, Freesia and Ruscus. It looks stunning, it smells phenomenal, a unique and unusual bouquet that is a perfect example of everything I love about the British countryside.

Available in 3 sizes; Standard, Large and Extra Large, the Moonlit Meadow bouquet starts at £35.99 (+£5 for the Large bouquet and +£10 for the Extra Large bouquet, which simply feature more stems) and comes with a free box of Guylian chocolates, delish! Delivered in a sturdy and safe box, they come with plant food and full instructions on how to arrange and care for your bouquet, with a guarantee that your flowers will last at least 7 days. Overall my bouquet lasted well over 7 days, just taking out a couple of stems as time went on as they were ready to go, with some flowers lasting much longer than others. 

If the Moonlit Meadow takes your fancy, or any of the other Debenhams Flowers bouquets catch your eye, you can treat yourself, a friend or loved one to a bouquet with a pretty fantastic 25% off with my discount code 'DFBLOG25', which Debenhams have kindly offered for me to share with all my lovely readers! This discount code can be used on all Debenhams flowers except the Flowers by Post range. 

What's your favourite type of bouquet to brighten up your home with?

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