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27 Oct 2015

British designed Cosatto Fable Giggle 2 Travel System Car Seat

When we found out we were expecting one of the first things I thought about buying was the pushchair. Even before I was thinking about toys and a crib, all I could think about was what pushchair we would have. Neither my partner nor I drive, we're both pretty happy to walk to wherever we can (OK, him more so than me - I am so lazy it's unreal) and I'm very happy to use public transport. As our family expands I'm sure we'll see the necessity in getting a family car, but until then we're happy to carry on as we are. Because the majority of the time when we're getting out and about it'll be on foot, choosing a pushchair that suited our needs was really important.

As first time parents-to-be I think it is safe to say that both of us have found pushchairs the most confusing, time-consuming and indecisive thing to buy. So imagine our surprise when after much research we came across the perfect one, that also happened to be on sale, and also happened to have the car seat thrown in for free. Oh yes, we have ourselves quite the bargain buy...
British designed Cosatto Fable Changing Bag

We knew that we wanted a travel system, a pushchair that had lots of different options, suitable for use from birth but also one which would grow with our baby lasting a couple of years at least. Most travel systems are designed and advertised as being suitable for a minimum of 4 years, although ideally we won't be relying on the pushchair when they're old enough to be walking around safely with us. That said, one that had the option to chop and change depending on age and needs was an absolute must for us.

Originally I had my heart set on the Mothercare Xpedior Pram and Pushchair Travel System (£350) which has a lovely gender neutral design with a safari theme as part of the Tusk Collection. We headed to Mothercare one weekend to test it out and see what it was like in person, but unfortunately we were left disappointed; in person it felt flimsy, far less sturdy than we expected and a bit of a faff to put together and fold down.

On this same visit we had spotted a bright, eye-catching and very unique looking travel system displayed near the front of the store but I was convinced it would be out of our price range and so I didn't want to even look at it. I will point out now that I think some pushchairs and brands are absolutely extortionate for what they are and although like I've said in previous posts, if you have the money to splurge on high-end options then that's absolutely fine - but I think some brands definitely know what they're doing when it comes to getting money from customers. Like 'taking candy from a baby'...

British designed Cosatto Fable Giggle 2 Travel System

On the hunt again for another travel system of a better quality, I ended up browsing the Mothercare website one evening when I decided to check out the offers. Low and behold, a bright and colourful design quickly caught my eye - the travel system I'd refused to look at in store, nonetheless! Within half an hour we'd ordered it, unable to resist the amazing offer; we snapped up the Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System in the Fable design with a free car seat thrown in, for just £330! I still can't believe what a bargain it was. In total we saved £140 on the travel system itself, with another £125 saved on the car seat, so a huge total saving of £265.

Before our snap decision to place our order, I had never heard of Cosatto before. What I was thrilled to find out when it was delivered, is that Cosatto is a British brand. If you've been reading Tattooed Tealady for a while you will know that I love using British brands where possible and think it is really important to support brands that are created right here in the UK. A brand who definitely stands out for their colourful and quirky designs, they have a huge array of designs available for their pushchairs and travel systems, car seats, high chairs and cot-bed ranges.

British designed Cosatto Fable Giggle 2 Travel System

Although the design we chose was based on the offer, the Fable design is actually perfect for us and I am absolutely smitten - I love how colourful it is, that both the exterior and interior of every aspect of the travel system has the design and our baby won't be looking up at a plain black canvas at any point. I think they'll love the design! What's more, the travel systems all come with such a huge array of extras, I was really quite surprised when we started to put it together after our 20 week scan.

Included in the travel system is the chassis, a carrycot, a reversible footmuff/liner, a changing bag (not the biggest but more than enough for a quick trip to the shops) which also includes a travel changing mat, a raincover, a headhugger, 2 chestpads, a seat unit and the car seat also came with a raincover too. Not forgetting the basket underneath, the sleek 3 wheel design and adjustable handlebar which can be adjusted to different heights and positions. Can you tell I'm a bit smitten?! If that wasn't enough, it also comes with an incredible 4 Year Guarantee, which I think is a really fab length of time for a product warranty. It was very easy to put together, it's even easier to change for each type of use and folds down really neatly and quickly. Steering is very smooth, it's not too heavy and I'm already really confident with using it, before our baby has even arrived!

British designed Cosatto Fable Car Seat
British designed Cosatto Fable Giggle 2 Travel System

Of course we'd given it a little test, both around the house and our garden, and we both look the feel, the ease of movement and how sturdy and safe it feels. I couldn't be happier with our choice! So much so, that I think we'll be turning to Cosatto for our highchair when baby Gizmo is at the right age to start weaning, really loving the design of the 3Sixti Highchair (£160). Luckily our car seat is meant to last for the first year, so we're set for a while, but I don't doubt we'll be going for a Cosatto car seat when the time comes (Granddad Ford's car will certainly look brighter!). If we weren't kindly being donated a cot-bed from family, I think it's safe to say I wouldn't have been able to resist the design of the Story Owlet Cot Bed (£450) which has a beautiful design and is very fun and quirky compared to your standard cot bed.

Finding the perfect pushchair can be very confusing and time-consuming, especially if you're a first time parent. For us, although we're yet to use the travel system with our baby (we're only 29 weeks today so they won't be here until January!), we do feel very happy with our choice and couldn't be more excited to finally get using it. Whatever brand, design and look you decide to go for, I would always recommend doing your research; there's tons of reviews online for every brand and budget you could imagine, with that 'perfect' travel system for everyone. For us, the Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System was definitely the perfect choice.

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