This Month's Favourites | September 2015

30 Sept 2015

Preventing stretch marks with Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil
Can you believe September is over for another year? With October just a few hours away and autumn starting to really get into the swing of things, I feel like 2015 is starting it's slow draw to a close. I couldn't let September slip by without sharing this month's favourite beauty products with you all though, and I have quite a selection this month covering makeup, hair care, body care and skincare! With products for all budgets and a few absolute must-haves, it's time to delve inside This Month's Favourites. 

I've got myself quite the little routine going down both morning and night now that my pregnancy is in full swing, and I don't think I have ever paid so much attention to pampering my body! I've always been one to moisturise day and night but now I have specific products that I use morning and night as well as specific products for certain areas of my body. Something I have loved using day and night without fail is the Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil (100ml, £15.95) which I apply to my tummy, boobs (soz for the TMI), bum and hips. I've been using this daily for I'd say 6-8 weeks now and I'm only just reaching halfway, although I suspect if I was using it on my entire body there'd be a lot less left by now.

Although stretch marks cannot, regardless of advertising spiel, be prevented as if you're going to get stretch marks you are simply going to get stretch marks, I do believe that looking after your body and skin can help minimise the appearance of them as well as how bad they are overall. I'm actually yet to get any new stretch marks, having always been pretty big my body is currently just stretching out old stretch marks and I've so far avoided any horrible new ones, but I do think this oil is helping tremendously. Utilising Wheat Germ Oil, Arnica Extract, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil alongside precious oils of Rose, Neroli, Myrrh and Frankincense, it has a very subtle scent with just the right consistency that doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or greasy after application. It has been working wonders to keep my skin soft and moisturised and has become quite the favourite product when it comes to my morning and night routines.

A huge positive of being pregnant is that my hair has become more manageable than ever before. My hair is naturally fine and can get oily quite easily, so the very most I could go without washing my hair was 48 hours, anything after that I'd be left looking like I'd dipped my head in a chip shop fryer! Over the past few months my hair has been thicker, fuller and the oil has been kept at bay so, so easily, I think I might miss this when I'm post-pregnancy and it starts falling out (as it's meant to do, which I am dreading). I can even go three whole days without washing my hair, which is amazing for me and pretty darn good considering how lazy I've started to be. On those days I turn to my Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo (50g, £3.95) which I love, a lot. It has a lovely subtle zesty scent of Grapefruit and Lime, using oil-absorbing powders of Cornflower and Talc to refresh hair in-between washes. This is quickly becoming one of my favourite Lush products ever, so worth checking out if you're a fan of dry shampoo.

If you've been reading Tattooed Tealady for a while you'll know that last year I raved and raved about the Bee Good Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm (see full review here), which is still one of my favourites from the brand. This year Bee Good have upped their Lip Balm game and released a new scent that is even more addictive and I've been using it throughout the day over the past few weeks on makeup free days, leaving my lips very soft and happy. The Bee Good Raspberry & White Chocolate Lip Balm (£4.85) (yes, it really does smell as good as it sounds) combines British Beeswax, Crambe, Echium and Borage Oils with British Wild Flower Honey and Vitamin E to create a deeply replenishing balm that repairs, conditions and soothes. Lovely!

The perfect autumn palette with the Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette

Makeup wise there are a few products I have been absolutely besotted with throughout September, starting with my new favourite eyeshadow palette and one which wows me every time I use it. I recently shared my thoughts on a few products from the Bobbi Brown Greige Collection (read here) and the more I use the Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette (£52) I fall more and more in love. The shades are just absolutely perfect and I find it an easy palette to use for a variety of looks, with shadows that are effortless to work with. Honestly, this is my favourite Bobbi Brown palette yet and I am finding it hard to put down. The must-have product from the Greige Collection, without a doubt. 

For cheeks nothing has even come close to my new love, the Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush (£19) in Video which I recently raved about in a full review here. It is just the most perfect neutral blush and adds just the right amount of colour to my cheeks, working well with absolutely any makeup look you can imagine. The neutral shade with it's super subtle warming undertones are incredibly flattering, coupled with the dreamy soft powder formula and fantastic longevity, this could easily be one of my favourite makeup products of 2015! 

Lipstick wise I have been a little bit addicted to one lipstick in particular, a new release for the KIKO Rebel Romantic Collection. I have a full feature post on the Rebel Romantic Collection coming very soon, but I just had to include the KIKO Rebel Romantic Intensely Lavish Lipstick (£6.90) in 01 Lusty Peony which is a really lovely warm rose that I can't get enough of lately. It has a lovely creamy formula that glides on super easily and the colour pay-off is intense, as is always the way with KIKO products! 

Most of September has been more of a 'didn't plan to wear makeup today, let's quickly whack something on before heading out' kind of approach and so I've been opting for the lighter bases which are quick and easy to apply over my more heavy coverage foundations with all their concealers and correctors and general faffing around. My most reached for base of September has been my favourite BB Cream of all time, the Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF35 (£29.50) (full review here). I just find this such an easy base to work with for the effects it gives; my skin looks healthy with a natural looking radiance and decent coverage that hides any fatigue or pigmentation issues without being too heavy. It blends really easily, lasts well throughout the day and leaves my skin feeling comfortable with it's weightless formula. 

HealGel Face is the perfect light-weight moisturiser
A new product which has come into my daily routine and one which works well on both makeup free days and the days when I have the time to pop some makeup on, is the new Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF30 (30ml, £55) - quite the mouthful of a name! I haven't tried many products from Murad, although they've been a brand on my radar for quite a few years now, with the few products I have tried being incredibly effective and showing positive results with my skin.

I was intrigued by the new Invisiblur for a few reasons. The first being that the further along I get into my pregnancy the less I want to put makeup on, but the more I want to disguise my imperfections. Secondly, now that I'm only a couple of years away from 30 (scary!) I am finding myself more and more interested in anti-ageing products whether that's on a long-term basis of continued use leading to long-term visible effects, or quick fixes that do the job for the day. It also boasts a very impressive SPF50, which was always going to appeal to me with my love for SPF and protecting my skin in whatever way I can. 

Invisiblur works in three ways; it treats, blurs and protects. Using anti-ageing technology it combines Mushroom Peptides, which work to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst blurring imperfections and adding a much needed boost to collagen production. Application is incredibly easy with the smoothest and cleverest bottle design I have seen in years for a skincare product (I wonder if all Murad products are designed in the same way?!), with one simple pump giving you more than enough product for your face. The consistency is a fairly thick gel that feels fairly weird to the touch because it doesn't feel wet or moist in anyway, but it's not a solid product. I find smoothing over the surface of my skin gets the best results, as massaging in like any of my other skincare products gives the product a slightly weird texture, and you simply apply after moisturiser. Easy! 

It doesn't have the nicest scent, in fact it's probably the only thing Murad could work on, but effectiveness? Each time I use this my skin looks instantaneously better. It makes my skin look smoother, tell-tale signs of fatigue and ageing subtly disguised. On makeup free days it works wonderfully to make my skin look and even feel more even, and on days where I decide to pop some makeup on it works even better as a primer helping my makeup apply smoothly whilst being pretty nifty at keeping the oil at bay. It's a multi-tasking wonder and I'm really quite impressed - if Murad give this a nicer scent, I would even go as far as to say I'm in love with Invisiblur, here's hoping!

Last but not least and another skincare product which has stolen my heart this September is actually one I've featured in-depth before, but now I'm on my second bottle I have to admit, I think I love this more than I did the first time round. HealGel Face (50ml, £48) has been the most perfect day moisturiser and I have become obsessed with how it makes my skin feel. I've reviewed the entire HealGel range before - see here - and HealGel Intensive will always be my favourite serum, but Face has definitely moved it's way up the ranks as an amazing skincare product that gets full marks from me. Another one with a wonderful design, I find one pump is more than enough for my face, two if I'm using for my neck as well. It features a Triple Phase Hyaluronic Acid Complex which works to provide an instant firming and plumping effect, with a unique blend of Omega Oils which improve elasticity. I love the consistency of this moisturiser; fairly thin, not too heavy, sinks into skin quickly and easily, the scent is subtle and very soothing to apply in the mornings and the way it leaves my skin feeling so incredibly soft, plump and looking overall more happy, it's just utterly perfect! 

What made it into your September favourites?

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