The Melt Crowd | September 2015

19 Sept 2015

A picture of The Melt Crowd Box September 2015
It's time to share my thoughts on another The Melt Crowd box and this time I'm bringing you a pretty darn delicious selection of scents which have filled the September box this month. 

The Melt Crowd is the creation of Flamingo Candles, a monthly subscription service very different to the usual beauty boxes you'll be used to associating with subscription boxes. Each month The Melt Crowd send out a box to their subscribers (which is slim enough to fit through your letterbox, might I add) housing a selection of 8 Flamingo Candles Scent Melts along with a menu card telling you what scents are in your box. In each box 2 scent melts are completely exclusive to that month's box and you'll also receive a 20% discount to use on the Flamingo Candles website. There's also little extras depending on what month's box you get; with your first The Melt Crowd box you'll be sent a oil/wax burner to burn your scent melts in, completely complimentary with your box!

Each month your box will cost you just £10, which is pretty reasonable considering individual Flamingo Candles Scent Melts cost £2 each, making the box worth £16 a month, even more on the months when you receive extras! Let's delve into the September box, shall we?

A picture of The Melt Crowd Box September 2015
The September box has quite a delicious array of scents inside, covering fruity, zesty, sweet, floral and warming all in one perfect selection. The exclusive scents for the September box are Grapefruit, Orange & Lemon Peel which is lovely and refreshing, as well as Creme Brulee which is basically heaven in a scent and one I definitely need as a full size candle. There's a scent from the new CIRCUS range in the form of Candy Floss, which is definitely one that leaves my tastebuds craving a big bag of pink fluffy candyfloss, one of my favourite sweet treats! 

A scent I absolutely adore in any format from candles to beauty products and one I've tried from Flamingo Candles in full size before (check out my review here) is Earl Grey Tea & Cucumber, which is light and refreshing just like Lemon & Lime Mojito. A lovely sweet scent is the Rose & Marshmallow melt, and I adore White Lilac & Rhubarb. The only scent which doesn't quite sweep me off of my feet this month is the unusual Jamaican Cake & Walnut, but for cake fans out there I am sure it will be a hit! 

The September box has definitely been a hit in the Tattooed Tealady household and we've had a different scent burning everyday. I like to make my melts last even longer by breaking each in half so that I can use the second half later on, especially if it's a scent I adore and don't want to use up straight away. I can't wait to see what scents will feature in the October box, I'm hoping it'll have a lovely autumn theme.

Sign up to The Melt Crowd and help support the Pink Ribbon Foundation

To make sure you receive the October box all you have to do is pop over to and make sure you sign up before the end of September. As a lovely little incentive, Flamingo Candles will be supporting the Pink Ribbon Foundation throughout October and £2 from each The Melt Crowd box sold will be donated to this fabulous charity. Will you be signing up?

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