September Book Haul + Soothing Scents

11 Sept 2015

A picture of T London Darjeeling Reed Diffuser
It's been a few months since I last shared a book haul with you all and this one has a little twist. Including a pick I ordered for myself, today I will also be sharing a couple of books which were kindly donated to me by a friend who was having a clear out, all alongside a beautiful scent which I've had tucked away into my new 'reading corner', that has kept me calm and relaxed whilst I take time to myself to turn some pages.

Let's start with the book I ordered for myself, which is Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley. If you've been reading my book posts since they started back in January you'll know that I read my very first Trisha Ashley book over the Christmas period and not only really enjoyed her style of writing, but completely fell in love with the characters and story - you can catch that review here. Whilst pre-ordering the second book in The Invisible Library series by Genevieve Cogman, which is set to be released this December (check out my review of the first in the series here), I needed to add another book to my basket to get Amazon's fab free delivery. Having enjoyed Twelve Days of Christmas so much I decided it was about time I gave another Trisha Ashley read a try and ordered Creature Comforts.

A typical chick-lit, Creature Comforts follows the story of Izzy who has broken off her engagement and returned to her childhood home and village. As a child Izzy was involved in an accident which involved many of the residents of her childhood village, Halfhidden, and on her return she finds out what really happened that night, and why it is so important in her happy future. Definitely looking forward to giving this one a read and seeing if I'm just as smitten with Creature Comforts as I was Twelve Days of Christmas. 

As I mentioned earlier, a friend was cutting down her book collection recently and so I inherited two of the books she'd recently finished reading. One I'd heard of before and was actually on my 'to read' list, the other was one I had never come across before.

Starting with the book I had already hoped to read soon, I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson follows the story of Jude and her twin Noah, who as most twins are, are very, very close. That is until a tragedy drives them apart and their relationship changes completely. The back cover doesn't actually give much away with this one but it's a read I've seen popping up on a lot of blogs and Instagram accounts recently and seems to have some pretty good reviews, so I'm really hoping it lives up to the reviews! 

The second book I was lucky enough to inherit is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, which is described as the perfect read for fans of The Fault in Our Stars. This one follows Eleanor as she moves to a new town and like most people, feels pretty alone as she tries to find her feet; that is until she meets Park, who she falls in love with. Set in 1986 over the course of a school year, I'm looking forward to giving this a read even though the characters are a tad younger than I've been reading as of late, at sweet 16. 

On the reading front I'm still trying to up my speed again, but finding myself more exhausted than usual as my pregnancy goes on and only managing a couple of chapters at a time. I've got quite a way to go to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2015 though, so I'm determined to pick up the pace and I've even set aside a little space for me to go and take some time with a good book and a cup of tea each evening. Tucked away in my work room - soon to be the nursery - I've been perching on my granddad's old chair - soon to be the nursing chair - by the window taking advantage of the breeze and getting stuck into my current reads. 

Some nights I'll burn candles (who else is already on the autumn scents?!) and sometimes I'll just let the breeze enhance the scent of the beautiful T London Darjeeling Reed Diffuser* which is a stunningly soothing scent to envelop yourself in. With aromatic oils of zesty Lemongrass, a twist of Citrus and a touch of spiced Nutmeg, it has the gorgeous scent of Darjeeling, super refreshing and perfect for taking a time out and unwinding. 

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