Our Nursery So Far

29 Sept 2015

A nursery colour paint palette
Today I am exactly 25 weeks pregnant. It's crazy how fast time is going, just 15 weeks until my due date, it feels like it's speeding by but at the same time really, really dragging. If you have children of your own or like me you are also pregnant, I'm sure you'll agree that time feels completely different when you're expecting. It's exciting to count down each new week, but at the same time it feels like my due date is forever away. The closer we get the more my partner and I marvel at the changes to my body, seeing our baby move and kick and realising that sooner than we know it, we'll go from 2 to 3. I can't wait! 

One of the exciting things about getting ready for a new baby is deciding what to do with the nursery. We don't live in the biggest house but we're lucky to be renting a lovely house in the Countryside, in a quieter part of town, right by the canal. It's lovely here, especially in spring and summer and I can't wait to spend time feeding the ducks with Gizmo when they are old enough. Our house isn't the biggest with just two bedrooms but our room is fairly decent in size and the nursery room, which is currently my office, isn't a bad size either. 

Because I work from home and plan to work until a week before my due date, we're really undecided as to when exactly we will decorate the nursery. We're super lucky to have a lovely landlady who has given us the go-ahead to decorate the nursery room, and I honestly can't wait - our whole house is magnolia so it will be so nice to have some colour! We were planning to do the painting towards the end of November, but we're now swaying towards having the nursery all set up before baby arrives, but not painting the room itself until after Gizmo is born. Because s/he will be with us in our room for the first 6 months, we'd be fine to paint the nursery after they are born because they wouldn't be sleeping in there with drying paint or around the paint fumes themselves! It seems the more logical way to go about it, and my partner is happy to get it done after baby arrives and we have had more time to think about colours.

I've put together a little colour palette, which you can see above, to show the kind of ideas we have for the colour theme. We want to go with a pale grey, of which there seems to be a million varieties as it's quite a popular shade right now, with either a pale blue, purple, green or yellow to brighten things up a little. We have wooden flooring throughout the house and white ceilings, so we don't have to worry about a carpet making the room look and feel small. The nursery isn't the biggest room though and so rather than have all four walls grey, we want to have two colours to make it appear as big as possible. 

We also love the idea of wall stickers and have found some that will be perfect for the colour ideas we have. I really want an italic 'Sweet Dreams' in white to go above the cot bed, surrounded by stars of various sizes in either white or white/silver. 
White minimalistic nursery furniture

Almost all of the nursery furniture is already set up, ready and waiting for baby to arrive. We have been incredibly lucky to be donated a Mamas and Papas Lucia Cot/Toddler Bed (£219) from my brother which was my nephew's first cot/bed. We haven't got that in the room yet as we'll be adding that in closer to the time when my work desk is out of there, but we've both smitten with it as it's great having a cot which turns into a bed as they grow older. All we need to do is buy a mattress for it, and we still need to do a lot of research on mattresses but hope to learn more about what to go for at next week's Mothercare Expectant Parent Event which we'll be heading to in Nottingham. 

Storage wise we've gone with simple white pieces from IKEA. I'm a huge fan of the IKEA Malm range and it's what we have in our bedroom, so it seemed the perfect option for the nursery. We ended up going for the IKEA White Malm Chest of 4 Drawers (£49) which is actually much bigger than I thought it'd be when I ordered it. At the moment it's being used to store any clothes that won't be hung up such as babygrows and sleepsuits, socks, booties, bibs and dribble bandanas etc. We're also storing soft toys and rattles in the bottom draw and all the accessories and little bits and pieces. I suspect closer to the time I'll end up using one of the drawers for baby bedding and towels, but we haven't bought all of that yet.

Wardrobe wise we went with the IKEA White ANEBODA Wardrobe (£39) which I am very happy to say is a lot sturdier and nicer in person than it looks online. It has an adjustable shelf inside and is the perfect height for being able to store things on top if necessary, but is very, very spacious inside as well. At the moment it's being used for the clothes I'll hang, such as cardigans, jackets and all-in-one pushchair suits, tops and romper suits. We've also got some books in there, toys, teethers, pram shoes and the bouncer and some of our pushchair. 

As we went with a travel system there is a lot so we have our car seat and pushchair seat are currently being stored in there, with the carrycot on the pushchair itself. I'll be doing a post on our travel system, what exactly was included in the price and why we went with that particular travel system and brand in an upcoming pregnancy post in a few weeks, so keep an eye out!

Something which will actually start off in our bedroom, but could move into the nursery if baby is still comfortable in there before we move onto the cot bed is the SnuzPod 2 Bedside Crib 3-in-1 (£195.95), which will be arriving in November. As soon as we found out we were expecting I knew I had to have a co-sleeper opposed to a traditional crib. As a new mum full of nerves and with my plans to breastfeed, having baby close-by especially through the night, easy to reach over and check, bring over to me for feeds and generally be near to, a co-sleeper was something I had my heart set on from the get-go. I have spent countless nights sat up reading on the different types of bedside cribs and co-sleepers available and SnuzPod seemed to be the best option by far; not just in build, design and materials used, but in the actual brand ethos, too. 

I also found this handy comparison chart absolutely invaluable when helping us decide on what would be the safest and happiest place for our baby to sleep. The SnuzPod itself is available in four colours; Natural, Dove Grey, Espresso and Eco-White, and I think Eco-White will be the colour we go for as it'll fit in with the nursery perfectly whilst also working very well in our bedroom which has a white furniture theme. 

Something which we have been incredibly indecisive about so far is toy storage! We have decided on what we want for the living room, as that's where the majority of their toys will probably be especially until they are at an age where they will be playing in their room. But the nursery? It has been so difficult finding something that will go with the theme we want, as well as being good for the space we have. We've basically decided we want to go with a laundry basket type fabric storage bag, and I think we'll end up with something like the H&M Black and White Laundry Bag (£9.99).

I can't wait to see the nursery starting to take shape, once we've got all the furniture in place and my work space is in the living room with the nursery being an actual proper nursery and not half nursery half office like it is now. Even more so once we've decorated paint wise! I'd love to know what you think to our ideas and what you went for when creating a nursery for your baby, or if you're expecting, what your plans and ideas are so far!

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