Michael Kors | The Gold Collection

25 Sept 2015

A picture of the Michael Kors Gold Collection
I'm a sucker for a new fragrance. Long before I was allowed makeup, when I was younger I used to have a little collection of fragrances that would make me feel so mature every time I had an occasion to wear one. Back then it was The Body Shop where I would spend my pocket money, with their very affordable range of fragrances and sprays perfect for any age. Now I'm in my late 20's there's nothing I love more than a sophisticated and chic high-end fragrance, picking scents for different occasions and seasons, opposed to whatever I could just get with my pocket money. 

Over the past couple of years I've built up quite a collection, turning to brands such as Diptyque and Jo Malone to start a petite but ever-expanding range of fragrances which are simply beautiful and stand out from all the other brands and scents I have tried. My love for these brands is intense, and I was left convinced that for a beautiful scent that makes me feel amazing, I would forever more have to spend a lot of money for very little ml per fragrance, leaving me scared to use them too often, worried I'd finish them quicker than I could afford to replace them.

A new range of fragrances from world renowned Michael Kors has completely changed my opinion on high-end fragrances, proving that you can have a beautiful, stand-out, sophisticated fragrance from a high-end brand that doesn't cost the earth, that does have a generous size, that will leave you feeling incredible whilst receiving kind compliments on your new scent. That range is the chic and diverse Gold Collection, featuring 3 delicious scents that are unlike any others in my fragrance collection.

A picture of the Michael Kors Gold Collection

A new luxe collection of fragrances, precious metals are the inspiration of this new fragrance range, with bottles that are set to be just as tempting as the cult watches and handbags fashionistas adore worldwide. 

White Luminous Gold Eau de Parfum Spray is the most sophisticated of the scents, presented in a white gold bottle. There's top notes of Pear, heart notes of Jasmine and base notes of Amber, giving White Luminous a beautiful light fragrance that's crisp and refreshing whilst having an effortless feminine touch. It's a scent I can easily wear during the day, perfect for a meal out with my partner and of the 3 scents in the range, the scent I think is the most wearable. It's not too intense, it's subtle and fresh whilst lingering beautifully throughout the day. It's absolutely lovely in every way. 

24K Brilliant Gold Eau de Parfum Spray has a more mature touch to it, but is still easily wearable for a wide range of ages, presented in a true gold bottle. Like White Luminous it's a feminine scent, with a deeper, warmer touch that makes 24K Brilliant Gold the most perfect evening scent. With top notes of Mandarin, floral heart notes and woody base notes, it's the perfect fruity floral mix that has an almost syrupy uniqueness. I can see this one being a favourite throughout the autumn and winter months, and I already know it's the scent I'll be turning to for the Christmas meals and parties. Of all the scents in the range, this is the scent which I think would make the most perfect gift for a friend or loved one. 

Rose Radiant Gold Eau de Parfum Spray is my favourite of the range, presented in a rose gold bottle, the first scent I tried when they arrived and the scent I have worn the most. Oh, it's a beauty. With top notes of spice, floral heart notes including beautiful Jasmine and a musky base note, it is sweetly floral with a musky undertone that adds the perfect touch. It's feminine, seductive, utterly stylish and one of the most enchanting scents you'll come across. Of the 3, this is the scent I see being most popular, enticing fragrances fans with it's rose gold bottle.

The Michael Kors Gold Collection is available at www.escentual.com, available in 3 sizes; 30ml for £39, 50ml for £58 and 100ml for £79. 

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