Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

21 Sept 2015

A picture of Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask
If you're a regular Tattooed Tealady reader you will have seen quite a few posts over the past couple of months with a scrumptious Lush theme. Not only have I been completely overdoing it with the Lush orders and trips into store, but I also shared a recent Lush Nottingham Blogger Event where myself and a few lovely local bloggers spent the evening finding out all about the new releases reaching stores nationwide. I am so, so excited by all the latest releases which were once Oxford Street exclusives, and I have definitely been stocking up on everything which has caught my eye. One of those products is the new Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask.

A picture of Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask
A picture of Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

I actually picked this bright beauty up the last time I was in-store, spotting it as soon as I walked through the door. As a big fan of Lush Fresh Face Masks I instantly noticed the unusual mask standing out from all the other masks I've tried before and I eagerly asked one of the fab Lush Nottingham team to talk me through this blue wonder. As they started to explain the ingredients and aims of the mask, I was instantly sold - in fact as soon as 'lemon juice' was mentioned, I pretty much snapped up the one and only pot on the stand within seconds. 

Don't Look At Me is a nourishing and exfoliating face mask which works to leave skin looking and feeling more radiant whilst leaving skin softer to the touch. It contains nourishing Murumuru Butter, which protects and moisturises skin, alongside refreshing Grapefruit Oil and rejuvenating fresh organic Lemon Juice which works to brighten and tone the complexion. The exfoliating factor is aided by ground White Rice and there's a touch of Tunisian Neroli to brighten whilst organic Silken Tofu softens alongside Rice Syrup and Rice Milk, making this a hard-working and effective face mask perfect for any budget.

It looks amazing, completely standing out not only from the other face masks on offer from Lush but also from any other masks I have tried, but it also smells absolutely delightful. It's light, refreshing and invigorating, the scents of Grapefruit, Lemon and Neroli being subtle but beautifully soothing. The consistency is perfect and super easy to apply (I prefer to use an old foundation brush to apply masks) with the exfoliating properties being just right to leave skin soft and smooth without being too abrasive or irritating skin. I have oily/combination skin but I would say Don't Look At Me is more than likely going to be OK for sensitive skin too - your best bet is popping to your local Lush store and giving it a little try to see how you feel about the exfoliation and whether it would suit your skin if you have sensitive skin. 

I leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water, first with my hands massaging the mask in (which is the point where the mask gives the most exfoliation) before following up with a warm face cloth - my favourite is forever the Bodhi & Birch Bamboo Cotton Flannel. I find Don't Look At Me is absolutely wonderful for exfoliating skin and leaving my skin smoother, brighter and more radiant. For me personally it isn't the most moisturising mask I have ever tried, but I do find it helps my skincare products lavish my skin even more after use. 

Like all Lush Fresh Face Masks it does need to be kept in the fridge as the ingredients and nature of fresh masks require the cold environment of a fridge to keep them useable and like many Lush products, they have a use by date; usually much shorter than any other use by date you'll find with Lush products, again due to the nature of the product. Whenever I pick up a fresh mask I always ensure to use it 2-3 times a week to make sure I am getting my monies worth before it goes off, and I usually manage to get at least 6-8 uses out of each pot. I would definitely repurchase Don't Look At Me again, and I think it's actually overtaken my old-time favourite Brazened Honey as my favourite Lush Fresh Face Mask!

Available at Lush stores and online, £6.50 per 75g pot.