Handmade Baby Haul

8 Sept 2015

I have to be honest, ever since I started writing my weekly pregnancy posts - see all my previous pregnancy posts here - the kind of posts I have been most excited to share are baby hauls. I have been buying baby 'stuffs' non-stop since around 8 weeks now and there is something very, very addictive when it comes to buying cute little outfits and baby accessories. 

Considering I am only 22 weeks today, I have probably been a little bit excessive in my baby buys so far. We've already got (and put together) our travel system, we have 95% of the clothes for all seasons that our baby will need for the first year, as well as booties and little pram shoes. We've got some toys and teddies starting to pile up already, dribble bibs and normal bibs, muslin cloths galore, changing bags and baby bouncers. We even have our cot-bed sorted, which is being kindly donated to Gizmo by my 4 year old nephew, passing on his first cot-bed to his new cousin and a lovely little bedding set for us to use when we put it together. I like being organised and having so much ready already, I think it'll take the stress off of us later in my pregnancy when we just want to relax and take those last few weeks as 'two' before we become 'three'.

One of my favourite things to do by far is find beautiful handmade and uniquely designed pieces for Gizmo. Instagram has been a big inspiration for this, with sites like Not on the Highstreet, Etsy and Big Cartel bringing up countless sites with lovely designs. Some I've lusted after, unable to justify the price, some have been in Countries where I don't even want to think about how much the custom charges might be. Some? Have been so beautiful I couldn't resist, and so today I am going to share some of my most recent handmade baby buys with you all!

A picture of Blue Brontide Organic Dummy Clip

A picture of Blue Brontide Organic Dummy Clip
I came across Blue Brontide over on Etsy when looking for dummy clips. We're not sure yet whether we will even use dummies, as although I don't see an issue with using a dummy, it's not something we'd like Gizmo to rely on and then find difficult to part with. That said we have a couple of dummies and if we need them, we will use them. One thing I think is a must if you decide to use a dummy, is a way to keep it from falling on the floor and a dummy clip is an excellent way to do that, by keeping the dummy 'attached' to the baby even if they decide they don't want it in their mouth. I was tempted to make a dummy clip, but when I saw the beautiful selection of Blue Brontide Organic Dummy Clips (£7.99) I was completely sold! 

Blue Brontide has a stunning selection of handmade, organic and eco-friendly baby accessories which are all created with premium sustainable fabrics with gender neutral themes (so absolutely perfect for us!). The products include organic dummy clips, embroidery hoop art, knot headbands, burp cloths and a lovely array of teething products including teething rings and teething jewellery. All products are made and packaged using as much organic and eco-friendly materials as possible, creating a range of beautiful environmentally friendly pieces, but also making all Blue Brontide products safe for use with babies - even those with sensitive skin! 

I adore our two organic dummy clips and I think the designs on each would work so well with the clothes and outfits we've picked up for Gizmo. I have to be honest, they are my favourite baby accessories yet for how simply beautiful they are! 

A picture of Inspired by Olivia Van Collection Baby Milestone Cards
I've seen baby milestone cards crop up on a few mummy-blogger Instagram accounts and I was tempted to order the standard set everyone seems to have off of Amazon, that was before I spotted the lovely milestone cards from Inspired by Olivia which are far more to my taste than any others I've seen so far! There's a whole host of different designs and milestone cards available and I opted for the Van Collection Baby Milestone Cards ($14.95/£6.79) which made their way to us all the way from Australia (thankfully with no custom charges, arriving in a slim card envelope!). 

Inspired by Olivia was created by Sam who was inspired by her very own daughter, Olivia. Sam wanted to use milestone cards for Olivia but couldn't find any that were pretty enough or that fit what she was looking for. Solution? She decided to make her own! Since then Inspired by Olivia has grown and grown, with one beautiful stand-out aspect to your standard baby milestone cards; the customer gets to pick what each card says. Inspired by Olivia is a unique approach to baby milestone cards with a stunning selection of designs, a truly lovely way to capture your baby's memories as they grow in an affordable and personal way.

Each set includes 15 milestone cards and, within a certain character limit, you can pick what each card says. It took me hours to decide what I wanted each card to say, but I am so happy with our set and you will definitely be seeing more of these as each one comes into play. As Gizmo grows and reaches each milestone, I'll be sharing pictures both on Instagram (follow here) and right here on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled to see what all our cards say!

A picture of Milk Moustache Apparel Organic Bunny Teething Rings
Milk Moustache Apparel Milk Bottle Bandana Bib

Milk Moustache Apparel Mint Racoon Burp Cloth
Last but not least and a site I have made a couple of orders from now, I am completely smitten with the designs available from Milk Moustache Apparel. I came across this brand by chance on Instagram when browsing the 'popular' feed and within minutes I'd made an order. A couple of days later? I made a second order. Honestly, I just adore the designs, of both the products and the fabrics, and really love how fun and unique they are to everything else we have bought Gizmo so far. 

Although we have some of the typical teething products like teething toys, I really love the idea of organic teething accessories and so I ordered the Organic Bunny Teething Rings (£4.50) in two designs; Mint Racoon and Blushing Panda. Made using the highest quality Maple wood rings which have been treated with Beeswax and Olive Oil, they are free of any chemicals and nasties and come with certified organic cotton which can be removed and washed separately. I think they are so lovely and a fab alternative to the standard teething toys from big name brands. 

I have created quite a little collection of dribble bibs, something I never had as a baby but something which I think is such a brilliant idea! I'm hoping ours work well to stop Gizmo's tops getting wet and cold, with the inevitable dribble fest we're sure to get, and I absolutely adored the look of the Milk Bottle Bandana Bib (£5.50) which is super soft and such a lovely design. To the touch it's definitely the nicest and highest quality bandana bib we have so far, especially for the price! They've been created with cotton fabric backed with soft fleece and two snap fasteners, so the size and fit can be adjustable. 

Finally, something which I definitely need more of, I decided to order the super fun Mint Racoon Burp Cloth (£10). Like the bandana bib it's incredibly soft and just so lovely compared to our pile of muslin cloths. Made with certified organic cotton fabric backed with absorbent towelling fabric, it's 25cm x 45cm in size so pretty decently sized for the job. I love that we have a more 'fancy' and unique burp cloth, and it's probably the one I'll keep in our changing bag for on-the-go. I think I might need to order a couple more, as they are just so lovely and soft!