Bobbi Brown | The Greige Collection

17 Sept 2015

A picture of the limited edition Bobbi Brown Greige Collection Greige Eye Palette
If you're ready to switch up your makeup from summer bronzes to autumn hues but want something bolder than the usual autumn tones released this time of year, then the Bobbi Brown Greige Collection is perfect.

The Greige Collection has the perfect selection of products with shades that are flattering and chic coupled with packaging that's bold and sophisticated. There's a stunning array of products to cover eyes, with the Greige Eye Palette, Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks and the Smoky Eye Mascara alongside the new and exciting Intense Pigment Liner palettes. Lips are covered with Rich Lip Color lipsticks and cheeks are flushed with the Pink Brightening Brick, the only two permanent products within the collection. Even nails are covered with the Greige Collection, with two Nail Polish shades that are set to steal any polish lovers heart. There's even a handy makeup tool sneaking it's way into the collection, with the addition of the Dual-Ended Eye Liner/Smoky Eye Liner Brush.

A picture of the limited edition Bobbi Brown Greige Collection Greige Eye Palette

One of the pieces I look forward to the most in seasonal Bobbi Brown collections, I am a sucker for their eyeshadow palettes. There's a few reasons why they leave me so smitten, starting with the packaging; they are always so beautifully presented and the Greige Eye Palette (£52) is one of my favourites yet. So simple yet chic, there's a stunning deep navy and silver theme with a delectably soft and sleek faux leather outer casing. It's super lightweight, which would make this palette incredibly easy to travel with especially alongside the rather large and handy compact mirror inside, just looking at it makes me think of autumn events and parties; it's perfect.

Another reason Bobbi Brown palettes always tick the right boxes for me is the lovely variety of shades and finishes they feature. I really love the formula and texture of Bobbi Brown shadows and their palettes always have a lovely selection of all the finishes they offer; matte, shimmer wash, metallic, and my favourite Bobbi Brown shadow finish, sparkle. I just absolutely adore their sparkle shadows as a finishing touch in the centre of the lid to complete a look, they're beautiful! 

The Greige Eye Palette features 8 beautiful shades, all very decent in size with the entire shadow weight for the palette being 8.1g. Although on the more high-end scale of prices when it comes to eyeshadow palettes, it is worth noting that individual Bobbi Brown shadows range between £17.50 - £23.50 each, so £52 for a palette of 8 shadows is still a good price for the brand and quality you are receiving. The shades themselves are really great picks and I love the way the palette has been perfectly created to be appropriate for everyday looks with a lovely mix of shades which can turn a look from day to night with ease. 

Ivory is a lovely light ivory with warm undertones and a delicious matte finish, great as an base shade and neutralising your lids. Brown Haze is one of my favourites with a stunning shimmer wash finish, it's a lovely light chocolate brown with golden undertones. Twinkle is the perfect sparkle finish shadow which would make the perfect finishing touch to any look, a lovely frosty silver sparkle. Slate is a fab shade for all over the lid but also works well as a crease shade when teamed with some of the paler shades in the palette, a lovely cool-toned slate with ash undertones and matte finish. Greystone is exactly as it sounds, a lovely earthy stone shade with a touch of grey and a matte finish. Earth Metal is another one of my favourites with a lovely sparkle finish, it looks different in different lights with touches of cool copper, rose gold and super delicate silver running through. Greige is a real beauty in the palette, and rightly so when it's named after the palette and collection itself! With a matte finish, Greige is a warm toned chestnut brown that is just lovely alone, teamed with other shadows, worked through the crease; versatile shade at it's finest! Last but not least, Fog finishes off the palette perfectly. The darkest shade, it is a lovely black grey that's bold without being too intense and out of place. Great as a crease shade, lovely used as a subtle liner with a matte finish.

A picture of Bobbi Brown Greige Collection Midnight Intense Pigment Liner

A completely new innovation from Bobbi Brown is released with the Greige Collection, limited edition for this collection but who knows, this may be a sign of a future permanent release to come! Formulated to create a versatile variety of liner looks with ease, the shades within each Intense Pigment Liner (£26.50) palette allows you to create everything from clean and crisp lines to intense and smoky liner. There's 3 different shades available in these fab little liner palettes; Black Plum which features a steel grey, a plum and a black grey, Forest which features a brown grey, an emerald green and a black brown, as well as Midnight which is the liner palette I've been using. 

Midnight features a lovely deep navy, not too dissimilar to the faux leather casing of the Greige Eye Palette, a bright mid-blue and a bold black. Each is incredibly intense in pigmentation with fantastic colour pay-off. A little goes such a long way, with a buttery soft formula that's rich and almost like a powder-gel hybrid, there's no fallout whatsoever and they are so long-lasting it's unreal! Each shade in each palette has been formulated with pure pigments and can be used alone as well as layered to add more depth and intensity to each shade. If you're a dab hand with a liner brush, these are so dreamy to use and a must-have product in this limited edition collection. 

Another perfect autumnal collection from Bobbi Brown. You can check out the full collection at

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