30 September 2015

This Month's Favourites | September 2015

Preventing stretch marks with Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil
Can you believe September is over for another year? With October just a few hours away and autumn starting to really get into the swing of things, I feel like 2015 is starting it's slow draw to a close. I couldn't let September slip by without sharing this month's favourite beauty products with you all though, and I have quite a selection this month covering makeup, hair care, body care and skincare! With products for all budgets and a few absolute must-haves, it's time to delve inside This Month's Favourites. 

The Vegan Kind | September 2015

Before September is over (wow this year is flying by!) it's time to share my thoughts on the September The Vegan Kind box, and boy is it a good'un. This month the box was filled with delicious treats as well as a beauty product which has come at the perfect time for me - another impressive box that has surpassed my expectations, as is always the way with TVK. 

For those of you new to TVK they are a monthly lifestyle subscription service for vegans, featuring exclusively vegan-friendly brands and products. Each month the contents varies, with all subscribers receiving the same products which can include food and drinks, household essentials, beauty products and little lifestyle extras. Costing just £10 a month and shipping worldwide, TVK boxes are our favourite to pop through the door each month and if a vegan-friendly box couldn't get any better, they also have a fantastic charity aspect where donations from each box sold go to animal charities voted for by TVK subscribers! You can find out more about The Vegan Kind here. Let's get stuck in to the September box shall we?

29 September 2015

Our Nursery So Far

A nursery colour paint palette
Today I am exactly 25 weeks pregnant. It's crazy how fast time is going, just 15 weeks until my due date, it feels like it's speeding by but at the same time really, really dragging. If you have children of your own or like me you are also pregnant, I'm sure you'll agree that time feels completely different when you're expecting. It's exciting to count down each new week, but at the same time it feels like my due date is forever away. The closer we get the more my partner and I marvel at the changes to my body, seeing our baby move and kick and realising that sooner than we know it, we'll go from 2 to 3. I can't wait! 

28 September 2015

10 Years of Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup

Cruelty-free Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup Products
Today's post is very exciting for two reasons. The first reason? It celebrates 10 wonderful years of Lily Lolo, a mineral makeup brand which creates beautiful, pigmented and effective cruelty-free products. The second? The perfect excuse to share 3 of my new favourite Lily Lolo products with you all, that are perfect examples of why Lily Lolo is the brand everyone needs to add to their to-try list. 

27 September 2015

Birchbox UK Birchday Box | September 2015

Celebrating 5 Years of Birchbox with the September 2015 Birchbox UK Birthday Birchday Box
It's that time of the month where I share my thoughts on this month's Birchbox UK box - but the September box isn't just any old beauty box. September marks 5 whole years since Birchbox began, a 5th Birchday box, beautifully designed and filled with amazing products and brands to celebrate not only 5 years of Birchbox, but the fact that Birchbox is the oldest beauty subscription box service available! For those of you who didn't know, Birchbox were the very first beauty subscription service to start and since their journey began in America in 2010, they have launched in France, Spain, right here in the UK, and most recently in Canada and Belgium. With over 1 million Birchbox subscribers worldwide, it's definitely a Birchday to celebrate! 

25 September 2015

Michael Kors | The Gold Collection

A picture of the Michael Kors Gold Collection
I'm a sucker for a new fragrance. Long before I was allowed makeup, when I was younger I used to have a little collection of fragrances that would make me feel so mature every time I had an occasion to wear one. Back then it was The Body Shop where I would spend my pocket money, with their very affordable range of fragrances and sprays perfect for any age. Now I'm in my late 20's there's nothing I love more than a sophisticated and chic high-end fragrance, picking scents for different occasions and seasons, opposed to whatever I could just get with my pocket money. 

24 September 2015

Lush The Comforter Shower Cream

A picture of Lush The Comforter Shower Cream

I have a confession to make. Lush has completely taken over my life again and I could not be happier! Honestly, I haven't been this obsessed with Lush in years - and I've always been at least a little bit obsessed with Lush, so that's saying something. I'm constantly making orders, I'm spending hours pampering with Lush products old and new and I am becoming completely addicted to some of the newest products to join the Lush family. One of those products is The Comforter Shower Cream

23 September 2015

Look Good Feel Better Mini Masterclass Brush Set

A picture of Look Good Feel Better Mini Masterclass Brush Set
Oh how I love makeup brushes. It amazes me that there was a time when I would use my fingers and hands to apply makeup. Oh I know, how you apply makeup is a personal thing and there is nothing wrong with fingers and hands or brushes and sponges, but for me personally, I have found brushes to be superior in the finish they provide and the ease they give in application. Also, it's far less messy! 

22 September 2015

Is breast best?

Is breastfeeding better than bottle feeding?
One of the first questions people asked me when we shared the news that we were expecting, was whether I would breastfeed. It's something I considered long before I even got pregnant and it's a subject I have my own views and opinions on, but I have to admit I was a little surprised by how many people wanted to know what my plans were. I think every women thinks about breastfeeding at some point in their life, whether they are pregnant or not, and over recent years it has become an even hotter public topic.

21 September 2015

Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

A picture of Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask
If you're a regular Tattooed Tealady reader you will have seen quite a few posts over the past couple of months with a scrumptious Lush theme. Not only have I been completely overdoing it with the Lush orders and trips into store, but I also shared a recent Lush Nottingham Blogger Event where myself and a few lovely local bloggers spent the evening finding out all about the new releases reaching stores nationwide. I am so, so excited by all the latest releases which were once Oxford Street exclusives, and I have definitely been stocking up on everything which has caught my eye. One of those products is the new Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask.

19 September 2015

The Melt Crowd | September 2015

A picture of The Melt Crowd Box September 2015
It's time to share my thoughts on another The Melt Crowd box and this time I'm bringing you a pretty darn delicious selection of scents which have filled the September box this month. 

The Neutral Blush

A picture of Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush in Video
Way back in May I introduced the Urban Decay Summer 2015 Collection which not only featured a gorgeous array of new products and shades to fall in love with, but products which would be sticking around as permanent new additions to the Urban Decay range. Not only did I adore each of the new products, excited by the new ideas Urban Decay had come up with, but I found myself a little head-over-heels in love with one of the products in particular, which turned out to be my most used blush of the summer; Besotted from the stunning new Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush line. Everything from the packaging to the formula, colour pay-off and longevity ticked all my beauty obsessive boxes, and I knew it wouldn't be long until I added another shade to my ever-growing blush collection.

18 September 2015

Scent Love with Soap & Glory

A picture of Soap & Glory Orangeasm Exfoliating Body Polish
I still remember when Soap & Glory first hit Boots stores nationwide, way back in 2006, a brand that has been adored by beauty fans and scent addicts ever since. I hold my hands up and admit I was absolutely 100% addicted to Soap & Glory back in the day, buying every new product, hailing them as my absolute favourite, stockpiling the huge Christmas gift sets (because let's be honest, they're still the ultimate gift set) and using pretty much nothing but Soap & Glory for years. 

17 September 2015

Bobbi Brown | The Greige Collection

A picture of the limited edition Bobbi Brown Greige Collection Greige Eye Palette
If you're ready to switch up your makeup from summer bronzes to autumn hues but want something bolder than the usual autumn tones released this time of year, then the Bobbi Brown Greige Collection is perfect.

15 September 2015

5 Things I Want to Teach My Children

A picture of 5 Things I Want to Teach My Children
Today I am exactly 23 weeks pregnant. There's just 17 weeks to go until my due date (and of course I'm being naive and overly optimistic thinking Gizmo will arrive on my due date) and a lot to get done in that time. There's more baby orders to make, a nursery to decorate - oh and let's not forget several birthdays and Christmas before that, which will be as hectic as always.

14 September 2015

Mesauda Milano Desert Sand Bronzer Terra D'Africa

A picture of Mesauda Milano Desert Sand Bronzer Terra D'Africa
If you've been reading Tattooed Tealady for a while you will know that I am a complete sucker for beautiful bronzers. I can never do my makeup without finishing off with bronzer and for me, it's the one product which I just feel naked without. I'm definitely more confident with bronzer than blusher, mainly down to my olive complexion, it's a must when I'm applying makeup. 

13 September 2015

The Sunday Post #45

A picture of Lush products
“I have come to accept myself for what I am: human. I am not perfect. I am not immune to fate, but I am not automatically doomed for being alive. I feel temptations every second of every day and I am not controlled by them. I do what I want anyway, so who is to say I want anything else? When I want, I let these peculiarities run across me like dogs to their masters. When I do not, I keep them at bay with my will and my testimony. I do not cut myself off from what makes me feel; I just refuse to feel anything that cuts me off from what matters most. It is called will power. With a little practice, you can accomplish great things." 
Corey Taylor, Seven Deadly Sins: Settling the argument between born bad and damaged good. 

11 September 2015

September Book Haul + Soothing Scents

A picture of T London Darjeeling Reed Diffuser
It's been a few months since I last shared a book haul with you all and this one has a little twist. Including a pick I ordered for myself, today I will also be sharing a couple of books which were kindly donated to me by a friend who was having a clear out, all alongside a beautiful scent which I've had tucked away into my new 'reading corner', that has kept me calm and relaxed whilst I take time to myself to turn some pages.

10 September 2015

KIKO Power Pro Nail Lacquer

A picture of KIKO Power Pro Nail Lacquer
Nail polish. When I was younger it was probably one of the things I bought the most, always popping into Boots to see which new shades the likes of Barry M or 17 had brought out. I had boxes full of nail polishes in every shade you could imagine! It was like a never-ending collection (or perhaps, obsession?) with every Boots visit ending in at least a few more to add to my monster stash. 

9 September 2015

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick

A picture of Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick
It's no secret I am a big fan of the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick range, having shared my love for them a few times here on Tattooed Tealady. The latest finish to join the range is the matte range, and unlike the Revolution and Sheer Revolution Lipsticks, which have the same shades in differing formulas and finishes, the Matte Revolution Lipstick range features all new shades, from the perfect everyday nudes and pinks to the more sultry and dark vampy shades of purples and reds. 

8 September 2015

Handmade Baby Haul

I have to be honest, ever since I started writing my weekly pregnancy posts - see all my previous pregnancy posts here - the kind of posts I have been most excited to share are baby hauls. I have been buying baby 'stuffs' non-stop since around 8 weeks now and there is something very, very addictive when it comes to buying cute little outfits and baby accessories. 

7 September 2015

The Lush Scent Addiction

A picture of Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel, Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon and Lush Pearl Massage Bar
It always amazes me when people say they don't like the smell of Lush shops. For me, there's few things as comforting when you're out shopping for the day and you step into a Lush store to be enveloped in the exciting, unusual and imaginative scents that come from all the gorgeous products Lush have to offer. There's a few scents over the years that I have fallen in love with, a discontinued product which has a scent I still lust after all the time (Tramp Shower Gel, how I miss you) and of course, scents in the yearly limited edition seasonal and holiday collections which always tickle my fancy. 

One scent in particular stands out from the crowd for me though, and it's a scent which features in a few Lush products, a scent I have become completely and utterly addicted to. A scent that makes products smell so darn good, I could eat them.

6 September 2015

The Sunday Post #44 | Mini Sephora Haul

A picture of a mini Sephora haul
I've only placed a couple of Sephora orders since UK shipping was made available, but it's probably the website I lust over the most. I just love the variety of both high-end and high-street brands with every aspect of beauty covered in one handy place. Personally, I think the shipping is super reasonable - you can find out more about how much shipping to the UK costs in my first Sephora haul here - and it's become a site I order from a couple of times a year. 

Over the past few months I have been finding it seriously hard to resist making a Sephora order, but with a baby on the way I can't justify a £100+ spend on beauty products anymore. Of course, when presented with the opportunity to get in on a friend's Sephora order and order a few bits, that was too hard to resist, and I allowed myself a teeny tiny Sephora splurge picking up some products I've had my eye on for a while as well as some products from Sephora own ranges that I have become a huge fan of over the past year.

5 September 2015

Leicester Highcross | Wagamama

A picture of the new Wagamama menu at Leicester Highcross
This time last week I was getting ready to head to Leicester, a City I seem to be spending more and more time in, for a day of shopping and delicious food with Nancy who blogs over at Sugar, Darling? This time my taste buds were going to be treated to the new menu at Wagamama, situated in the food quarter at Leicester Highcross, and boy was it a treat! 

4 September 2015

Herborist Discovery Kit

The Herborist Discovery Kit featuring four key skincare products
It has been a long time since I introduced a new brand into my skincare routine, particularly one I had never heard of before let alone knew anything about. When a petite discovery kit for Herborist, a new skincare brand exclusive to FeelUnique, arrived a couple of months ago I was really intrigued, intrigued enough to implement all of the products into my routine and see how they worked for me. A Chinese skincare brand, Herborist has beautiful and simplistic packaging and offers a unique approach to beauty, utilising the power of plants with innovative and modern cosmetic formulations. We all know the Chinese have been known throughout history for their medicines and techniques - could their skincare live up to that? I couldn't wait to try the Herborist Discovery Kit for myself and find out!

3 September 2015

Clarins | The Autumn Make-Up Collection 2015

A picture of Clarins Autumn Make-Up Collection 2015
It's that time of year again where my favourite season is just around the corner and all the beautiful autumn makeup collections are making their way onto beauty counters and into makeup collections.

2 September 2015

OAKS Nottingham Restaurant Review

A picture of OAKS Restaurant Nottingham
As you already know, I love going out for meals with friends. I think it's the perfect way to unwind and catch up whilst you enjoy flavourful food that has been passionately created and perfectly presented. When I was recently asked to check out the brand new OAKS restaurant in Nottingham city centre, I couldn't resist - because the story behind OAKS really intrigued me. 

1 September 2015

Budgeting for a baby | My top tips

One of the things people automatically worry about when starting a family, is money. It's understandable when you consider that everything in our lives revolves around money, a topic which is constantly in the news, something which can make the difference between living comfortably and finding everyday a struggle. Money is a big reason we put off starting a family for as long as we did, but as lots of family and close friends told us, if you waited until you could 'afford' a family, you'd never actually start a family.
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