Top 5 summer scents

6 Aug 2015

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Summer is starting to draw to a close with just a few weeks left to indulge before life gets serious again and we head into autumn. I always feel like people in the UK are more carefree when it's summertime, even if we actually rarely get those hot sunny days that really make it feel like summer, and as soon as autumn hits with a hint of winter on it's way, moods drop, smiles disappear and everyone gets serious again. Perfect excuse to spend August making myself smell like summer.

Every now and then you find a fragrance which that leaves you besotted, that ticks all your boxes, is beautifully presented and most importantly, makes you feel damn good every time you wear it. This summer Jimmy Choo Blossom Eau de Parfum* (£38.99, 60ml) has been that fragrance for me. A bold head-turning scent, it has a delicious sweet twist that is so hard to get right in fragrances, and Jimmy Choo does it wonderfully. With Citrus and Red Berry top notes, accompanied by heart notes of Rose and Sweet Pea with base notes of Sandalwood and White Musk, it is everything a summer scent should be. 

If you prefer something refreshing, then few scents do the job as well as The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne* (£19, 100ml), which is also the most budget-friendly of my summertime picks. For me this is the perfect everyday scent as it's light, refreshing, perfect for everything from work to lunch dates with friends. There's top notes of Green Tea, Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin, with floral heart notes of Camellia, Jasmine and Violet. One of my favourite scent ranges yet from The Body Shop, I suspect this is a scent which would work any time of year, but for me has been one of my most used daily scents throughout summer. 

A scent which always ends up in my summer fragrance posts, one that beauty adorers seem to go wild for with each new summer release, few scents make me as happy as Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent (£47, 100ml). Summer in a bottle, this beauty smells like a hot caribbean holiday, sunning yourself on a beach drinking fresh coconut juice and soaking up the sun (with a good SPF on, of course) as the waves lap at the beach. It has an insatiable scent of Bergamot, Amber, Tiare Flower, Vanilla and Coconut, it's sweet and seductive whilst being warm and utterly comforting. I think heaven would be a good word to describe this scent. 

Regardless of season, one fragrance always pops up, a scent I wear all year round and one which has become my holy grail of fragrances. Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette (£75, 100ml) is a bit of a blogger favourite, a scent I have purchased more than once and a scent I could never be without. But it's not the hype and blogger love which makes this one a favourite for me - it's the incredible childhood memories of visiting family in Cyprus, the delicious scent of freshly ripened figs under the hot Cyprus sun, which makes this scent one of the most beautiful, incredible, emotionally reassuring scents for me. I cannot ever be without this scent, it's as simple as that (I would seriously stock-pile if they ever discontinued it). An incredible mix of Fig Leaves, Wood and White Cedar, Diptyque Philosykos is out-of-this-world delicious.

Last but not least and completely different to all the scents featured so far; I think an evening scent is a must-have for every season, a scent that's a bit more masculine, a touch more daring, a fragrance that still fits the time of year whilst having that oomph that sets it apart from other fragrances in your beauty stash. For me that scent is Ghost Eclipse Full Moon Eau de Toilette* (£34, 50ml) which also comes with a 50ml scented shimmering body lotion, a great size for weekends away or if you're off on your travels this summer! There's top notes of Bergamot, Marigold and Mixed Fruits coupled with heart notes of Lotus, Freesia and Rose, finished off with base notes of Amber and Musk. Wonderful for an evening scent that's effortlessly sophisticated and chic.

What's your favourite summer scent?

*PR sample - Disclaimer