The Sunday Post #41 | Hey bloggers, it's OK!

16 Aug 2015

A messy dressing table and working space
There's a lot of blogger guilt going around the blogosphere lately, so today I'm going to banish some unnecessary blogger woes and let you know it's totally OK. 

001. It's OK to take a blogging break
, because let's be honest, we all need them from time to time. In fact, over recent months I've taken more blogging breaks than I ever would have imagined possible, as someone who used to pride themselves on daily blogging - but I'm over the guilt that comes with not posting everyday. It's not going to kill me, or you, or anyone else, if this blog isn't updated daily; just the same as it won't make the world implode if you take a break whether it be for one day, one week, one month or even one year!

Whether it's blogging or any other aspect of our lives, every single human being on this plant needs a time out every now and then and that is totally OK, OK?

002. It's OK to not have a picture-perfect life, and I for one am so tired of constantly trying to make our home and surroundings 'Instagram worthy'. Let's be honest - I am a totally messy hoarder who likes to make her home as cosy as possible. I find it impossible to throw things away, I like collecting things that years down the line makes me wonder what on earth I was thinking and most days, I totally don't make the bed (to be honest this is more for 'airing' purposes, but you know, it's also a lot to do with being lazy). 

I don't do simple, I don't do minimalistic. I do cosy and messy, and I'm damn good at it. Am I going to post photos of the worst offending messy areas of our home? No. But I'm not going to fake a pristine life, and neither should you.

003. It's OK not to live in London, even if sometimes it feels like everything happens in London and the rest of the Country is a long forgotten dream. Bloggers do live outside of London, Bloggers do live all over the UK, and there is just as much fun to be had wherever you happen to call home. Want to meet more bloggers but all the meetups you see are in London? Arrange your own, or use the blogger chats to find bloggers local to you. Some of my favourite times spent with other bloggers have been in my home city of Nottingham, small groups of friends having a casual day shopping and eating food, talking all things blogging and posing for ridiculous photos.

There's a big and beautiful and vibrant blogging community in London, but that's because it's easy. Make your own community, make your own fun - make your City/town and your local bloggers stand out and make a difference. Because you can, you know.

*This post was inspired by a lovely blogger friend of mine 
and a recent post she shared - Lilmisschickas 'Blogging and Me'.