The Sunday Post #40

2 Aug 2015

August is here and I feel like 2015 is almost over already. Maybe that's my excitement for 2016, a little bit because I'm prematurely excited about Christmas, but mostly because I always feel like August is when England says it's last goodbye to the sunshine for another year as summer draws to a close. 

It's been another busy week here in the Tattooed Tealady household. I've been doing a lot of organising and planning because although my due date is still quite a way away, I'm doing some behind the scenes work to make sure that the blog keeps running smoothly when I've had the baby. I've already planned a few January-March posts (just jotting down ideas etc!) and I've also put out a call for bloggers to contribute to posts here on Tattooed Tealady during that time. You can find out more by checking out this Instagram post, this tweet and this Facebook post - if you're interested and think you'd be up for it, then please leave the requested information and I will contact suitable bloggers at the end of August!

This weekend has been another weekend of organising the house and baby shopping. We've finally put up the last of our new furniture (the wardrobe in the currently-my-office, soon-to-be-nursery) and we've also rearranged the living room for what feels like the 100th time, finally getting the perfect furniture layout for maximum space! We also spent yesterday morning in Mothercare, checking out prams (we've finally decided on the one we want) and doing some baby shopping. It was really nice doing this in-store with my partner, because a lot of the things I've bought so far have either been online or when I've been shopping alone, so it was nice to get him more involved and see him getting excited!

I feel like I'm starting to regain some control over my life again, which considering the past couple of months have been a whirlwind and left me day-dreaming a lot of the time, is really blooming nice. I finally have more energy again, I feel motivated and excited to get things done and I am back to my organised and over-planning self. I've even planned posts for every single day this month, edited photos for posts ready to write and if you want to know how sad my 'to-do' lists and organising can really get, I've even done a full weekly household schedule for cleaning and chores! Oh yes, I am definitely that old and boring. I'm even getting back into reading again, which for the past two months has been very slow going!

I've been obsessed with baths again recently and this week has been bath overload in our house! I am massively missing my bath oils, so I seem to be going over the top with my Lush products instead (and had to make a pretty big Lush order to make up for the amount of products I've gotten through, too!). Few things make me feel as relaxed as a nice bubble bath though - with Netflix to keep me company, of course! 

I hope the beginning of August has been wonderful for you and that you've enjoyed a sunny weekend. I'd love to know what you've been up to lately, and what your plans are for August!