Lush Nottingham | New launches + summer collection

13 Aug 2015

Testing out The Experimenter Bath Bomb, new to the Nottingham Lush store
Last night I had the pleasure of popping along to Lush in Nottingham for an intimate blogger evening being shown the exciting new products which have just launched in Lush stores around the UK, as well as learning about the new limited edition summer product. 

If you're a fan of Lush yourself you'll know all about the huge new flagship store which has opened up on Oxford Street, London. You may have even had the chance to visit the store (lucky!) and you will definitely have heard all about the 200 new products exclusive to the Oxford Street store. Many of these products have even been created with the Oxford Street store in mind - even with Oxford Street in the name of the product, products which will always be exclusives to that store. For those of us around the UK who don't live in or near London, I am super excited to share the news that some of those exciting new products are finally being shared around the UK, having launched in Lush stores over the past week as well as being available to snap up on the Lush website. Hurrah! 

New Shower Products

There are a whole host of new shower products to get excited about in-store and online. There's new creations such as Shower Creams, Body Scrub Powders and Wash Sheets as well as a huge variety of new scents in the Shower Gel, Shower Smoothie, Shower Jelly and Body Scrub Bar ranges. 

Two new Shower Creams have hit stores in the addictive scents of Yuzu and Cocoa (with the same scent as Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, a new favourite of mine) as well as The Comforter (yes, that very same delicious scent as The Comforter Bubble Bar!), definitely my favourite shower finds from last night. Slightly different to the shower gels on offer from Lush, the shower creams have been formulated to be a touch more moisturising and have a beautiful softening formula; they have a thicker, creamy consistency that massages into skin beautifully. Yuzu and Cocoa has a citrus scent alongside Cocoa and Tonka which gives the fragrance an overall chocolate orange touch, whilst The Comforter has a deliciously fruity berry scent of Blackcurrants mixed with Sweet Cassis Absolute, Bergamot and Cypress Essential Oils.  

A picture of new products at Lush Nottingham, including The Experimenter, Yoga Bomb, Granny Takes a Dip, Intergalactic, Layer Cake, Refresher and 93,000 Miles
A picture of Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb, new to Lush Nottingham
A picture of The Experimenter Bath Bomb, new to Lush Nottingham
Layer Cake, a bright and colourful new soap available at Lush Nottingham

When I heard that some of the products which had so far been exclusive to the Oxford Street store would now be available online and in-store, to say I was excited would be a complete understatement. I'm such a Lush addict, a brand I have used religiously since I was in school, I've been more than a little envious of anyone with easy access to London, dying to see the new products and give them a try for myself. I think it's fantastic that some of the products are being made readily available all over the UK and think it's a fabulous move from Lush - not everyone can get to London easily!

Depending on how big your local Lush store is, you should have seen quite a selection of new products go into stores over the past week. As we're very lucky to have a pretty big store in Nottingham, we've been treated to a whole host of new products covering everything from bath and shower, to hair care, skincare, hands and feet, as well as the new reformulations of old Lush favourites which will now be available in all Lush stores. I mentioned a few of these in my recent Huge Lush Haul which had been updated on the website by the time I shared my haul with you all, now available to buy online along with the new products here.

As someone who has used Lush for such a long time, I personally find it incredibly exciting and refreshing to see such a huge amount of new products be introduced. I've had my favourites over the years, the products I go back to time and time again, as well as the products I refuse to give up hope on which were discontinued a long time ago (I don't think I'll ever stop being distraught that Tramp is no longer available, I need that scent back in my life as a matter of urgency!), but I think the product range was definitely due a revamp. Of course there are the different limited edition collections which are available throughout the year, but having a whole new range of permanent products to become besotted with is super exciting (and a little overdue!). 

New Bath Products

I think it's safe to say the new bath products like bath bombs are undoubtedly the ranges everyone has been most excited about since the launch of the Oxford Street store, with a couple of popular regulars being shared with bright photos and enchanting videos on my Twitter and Instagram feeds. As well as reformulating lots of the popular Bubble Bars, there's also new Bubble Bars, Soaps and Bath Bombs to get stuck into.

I was mesmerised watching some of the new bath bombs at work last night, in particular the already hugely popular Intergalactic Bath Bomb and The Experimenter Bath Bomb. Intergalactic is in the classic round ball shape akin to bath bombs which a hugely reviving scent of Peppermint, Vetivert and Cedarwood - you can spot this eye-catching space themed bath bomb in action below. The Experimenter is definitely a stand-out bath bomb compared to others in the Lush range and seems to have captivated all Lush fans who have tried it - I certainly can't wait to give it a try for myself! With a scent of Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Vetivert and Tonka, it creates an incredible display of 5 colours - spot this one in action in top photo in this post! 

New Life's a Beach! Body Scrub Powder at Lush Nottingham
The new moisturising The Comforter Shower Cream at Lush Nottingham
The newly reformulated Green Bubbleroon Bubble Bar from Lush Nottingham
The new Intergalactic Bath Bomb in action at Lush Nottingham

Lush events are always super fun, a great way to get some behind-the-scenes action on the latest and most popular products and a fab opportunity to get to find out more about Lush, new formulas, ingredients and inspirations behind the products which fill the stores with enchanting scents and alluring designs. It's worth giving your local store a follow on Twitter, as I've noticed an increase in public events where you can pop in store, try new launches and even make a Lush product of your own! 

The Nottingham Lush team were a joy to spend the evening with, a team member at each section of the store ready to give us demonstrations and tell us everything we needed to know about the exciting new launches. The lovely Eleanor took me through the new shower products and let me have a try of each, which was great fun as I got to see how each scent develops and changes when used compared to how they smell in the bottles and pots. Robyn took me through the new scrubs and reassured me my favourite Buffy body scrub wasn't being discontinued as I feared - although the new body scrubs she showed me as just as enticing and I'm sure I'll be adding them to my bathroom soon! 

The hugely passionate Stuart showed me all the new bath products and it was so much fun seeing the new bath bombs and bubble bars in action, it definitely inspired a few of my purchases last night and I loved how informative he was on ingredients, scents and inspirations behind the new products. Showing me the new hair and face products was Sky, who let me test out new formulas and even demonstrated the new Hair Custard (which is taking spotlight on the new Lush magazine cover) on himself - don't worry about the colour of this hardworking styling product, it doesn't leave a trace in your hair! This one is yet to be released, so keep an eye out and you'll spot it in-store and online very soon!

The wonderful Kitty was on soap duty, and as she introduced herself at the beginning of the night as someone who likes to know her stuff ingredients wise, I was eager to get her advice on products to use during pregnancy as well as products safe to use with babies. Kitty was hugely informative and really put me at ease about using products from the Lush range with confidence, and I have a few ideas of the first products I'll be using on the baby once they arrive! I was fascinated by the new soaps, especially with the way some of them have been made and designed, and even learnt a bit more about the ingredients which goes into making some of the most stand-out products from Lush. There's a limited edition summer soap which is gloriously designed to look like a grapefruit cut in half with the segments showing; it was one of the first products Lush ever produced, very refreshingly scented and a much-requested product from customers. You can pick up Apandapand in-store and online here - make sure to snap this one up before it disappears for good!

Ellie and Jessica were taking care of hands and feet, and although I didn't get a chance to pop over and see those new products myself, seeing the demonstrations on other bloggers there was more than enough to inspire me to pick up one of the new creations myself. I'll definitely be making sure to get back to the Lush store next time I am in Nottingham to find out more about the newest hand and feet products! 

New Body Products

I think Lush are mostly known for their bath and shower products, but they have such a huge variety of body, face, hair and makeup products too. Some of the new body products to join the range include new Hand Creams and Lotions, Foot Lotions, Body Scrubs, Moisturising Bars, Foot Soaps, Foot Soaks, Foot Powders and a funky Hot Hand Mask.

One of the products I bought on the night, Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask is a super pampering mask that is hands on (no pun intended...) which uses Avocado, Argan and Castor Oil alongside fresh Cupuacu and Murumuru Butters. You put the adorably designed Golden Handshake upright in a bowl of hot water, mix around to create a thick and creamy lotion and soak your hands in it. I am so excited to give this a try!

The new Milky Bath Bubble Bar from Lush Nottingham
The newly reformulated Karma Bubble Bar at Lush Nottingham
A new moisturising Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream from Lush Nottingham
A picture of new bath products at Lush Nottingham including bath bombs and bubble bars

If like me you're a self-confessed Lush addict, then the new products, ranges and formulations are absolute must-trys. I am so impressed with the innovative, exciting and imaginative new products, every single products has been created to have the most stunning and utterly addictive scent and the benefits of many of the new products are really something to get excited about. There's a new product for all ages, all tastes, all preferences - Lush have really outdone themselves with these new launches and I cannot recommend enough that you get down to your local store and check them out for yourself! Why not ask for a demonstration whilst you're there?

New Face Products

As a skincare addict I found the new face products an absolute treat! There's a new Dark Brown Colour Supplement, Magical Moringa Moisturiser and Cup O' Coffee Exfolaiting Mask to get stuck into next time you're in store. 

I couldn't resist giving Cup O' Coffee a try and I loved it so much, I bought a tub for myself to use at home! An intoxicatingly scented face and body scrub, it's luxuriously thick and once applied should be left on for 5-10 minutes before gently rinsing with warm water. The result? Insanely soft and smooth sink that's brighter and more radiant. This one is a must-try! 

A huge thank you to all the Lush Nottingham team for such a wonderful and informative evening!

Keep an eye out for another big Lush haul coming on the blog very soon...