The Sunday Post #43 | Blossoming Gifts

30 Aug 2015

A picture of Blossoming Gifts Summer Meadow Bouquet

One of my favourite things to do is buy flowers for the house. I love having beautiful bouquets of flowers brightening up our windowsills, whether it be the warmer days of spring and summer or something to add a touch of sunshine in the darker days of autumn and winter. Just looking at flowers makes me smile and if they smell as beautiful as they look, well then we're onto a winner!

I think I'll always love having flowers in the house, because my first proper Saturday job (gosh that makes me feel old) back when I was 16 was working in the village flower shop. It even gave me aspirations to go into floristry, but I don't think I'm talented and creative enough for that! I did manage to learn some basics though when it comes to flowers, but mostly it helped make my love for flowers even stronger, because ever since I have always had to have flowers wherever I have lived.

A picture of Blossoming Gifts Summer Meadow Bouquet
A picture of Blossoming Gifts Summer Meadow Bouquet

A picture of Duc d'O ChocolatesA picture of Duc d'O Chocolates

I was recently contacted by the lovely team over at Blossoming Gifts and asked if I would like to receive a bouquet from their summer flowers range. After seeing the beautiful arrangements and flowers used for the bouquets, I couldn't resist the Summer Meadow Bouquet* which instantly caught my eye, standing out for the gorgeous selection of flowers included and the way the colours of each worked so beautifully when teamed together. 

The bouquet is available in two sizes, normal which costs £34.99 and large which costs £39.99, and both include the same flowers with the large bouquet just having a couple more stems of each. The gorgeous Blue Veronica caught my eye the most, teamed with delicate Lilac Eustoma, one of the most prettiest flowers that I absolutely adore, alongside beautiful big Avalanche Roses with stems of Tanacetum Single Vegmo that look like adorable daisies, Greenbell which is one of my favourites for filling out bouquets and Hard Ruscus to finish off. As a lovely finishing touch on selected Blossoming Gifts bouquets, including the Summer Meadow bouquet, you also receive a box of Duc d'O Chocolates which were more than a little scrumptious! 

There's free delivery on all bouquets plus quite a few different delivery options to suit your different needs such as standard delivery, tracked delivery, time delivery and delivery before 12pm, which is the option I went for so I could have the bouquet safely delivered before work! Of course like all bouquets they come with some flower food to add to your water, which I always like to use as I find they really do work to prolong the life of your flowers but I don't think they're absolutely necessary for all types of flowers, and Blossoming Gifts also have a 7-day guarantee; they guarantee your flowers and planted arrangements will stay looking as beautiful as when they arrived for at least 7 days, or you get your money back!

My beautiful Summer Meadow bouquet lasted roughly 10 days before I started taking odd flowers out, and 12 days before it was time to say goodbye to the bouquet. That included a water change every 4 days and re-cutting the stems (at angles), to help prolong them a little longer. 

Do you love flowers as much as me?

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