When your life changes forever

21 Jul 2015

Those of you who know me well, who I have become friends with over the years of running this blog or people I generally talk to about more than just makeup and blogging, will know that 2015 marked the start of a new chapter in my life. Having completed University and graduated last summer, after being back in education for 6 years and pretty much dedicating my life over those 6 years to Psychology, 2015 was the year my partner and I wanted to add a little addition to our home, to start a proper family. After keeping it a secret for 2.5 months, I can finally share the news that our family is growing....

Baby Ford
Due January 12th 2016

I am the worst at keeping secrets, and this is probably the longest I have kept something so important and big to myself. We found out we were expecting very early on at just 5 weeks pregnant - I'm 15 weeks today, so we kept this quiet for a really, really long time! I think part of me was in two minds over whether to share our news and pregnancy journey here on the blog at all, but as I often say, this blog is an extension of me and that includes everything - including having a baby!

We are both over the moon and beyond excited to have a little baby on the way. It's still completely surreal sometimes to think that I am growing a human being inside of me. Also, hands up who thinks the female body is pretty damn bad ass?! I'm actually growing a person inside of me, that is crazy! 

I'm already finding it impossible not to buy things for the baby - who we've nicknamed Gizmo, by the way, so if that name pops up from now on, take this as your official introduction! -, but I like to think of it as being very organised. 

I have so much I want to share with you all, and I will be sharing weekly Gizmo posts with you all - but don't worry, things won't change too much here on Tattooed Tealady. This blog has always been predominately a beauty blog and over the years it's expanded nicely to include more personal and lifestyle based posts. That won't change, it just means that the lifestyle posts will be taking on a more exciting twist! I know pregnancy/baby/parenting posts aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I've planned some exciting content and hope to make them a little bit different to the usual posts you see about pregnancies (you will not get bump photos from me, and this is the only time you'll see a scan photo, so lap it up lovelies!) - I hope you'll stick around and join us on this exciting, nerve-wracking, scary and life-changing journey!

P.s. I hope this explains why posts have been so few and far between over the past couple of months, growing a little human being is hard work, don't you know...