The Sunday Post #39

26 Jul 2015

A picture of Be Awesome by Hadley Freeman
"Not to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be OK."
I've found myself looking at life completely differently over recent months. I'm happier. More grateful. Excited for what the future might bring. It's actually really blooming nice having such an optimistic and positive outlook on how my future could be. 

For those of you who read my big announcement post earlier in the week (When your life changes forever), you will know that I am pregnant and expecting my very first baby. It's a completely new experience for me and each day leaves me more excited, happy, absolutely terrified and completely in love with this growing baby inside of me. When I shared the news here on the blog earlier in the week I was so nervous you wouldn't believe - but the support, congratulations, love and well wishes you have all given me is completely overwhelming, very appreciated and has left me with a huge smile ever since. I'm so excited to share this journey with you all!

This week has been a busy one. In preparation for January, we have been making some changes to our home. Although there's not a lot we can do to prepare due to living in a rented property, there was a lot we could and are doing furniture wise. A lot of our furniture was big and bulky, very old hand-me-downs from my dad's house from before even I was born, a chunky chest of drawers, huge wardrobe and coffee table passed on from family to help us out when we didn't have much, as well as my numerous bookcases to house all my books and ridiculously sized DVD collection. Things like that take up a lot of space and in a small house, it's amazing just how much space they really did take up.

Since last weekend we have been going IKEA DIY mad; we got rid of the chest of drawers in our bedroom, replacing it with a huge double MALM chest of drawers. Not only can we get more in it because it's bigger, meaning both our clothes can fit in there now, but it also fits in nicely with the rest of our bedroom storage, which is all from the MALM range. My office, which will eventually be the nursery, has also had a makeover. We've got a lovely chest of drawers in there for the baby and a much smaller and reasonably sized wardrobe. Downstairs my 3 bookcases have gone, my book and DVD collections halved, with a lovely new white bookcase and DVD stand in their place. I wanted a bookcase that had doors, to protect my books from little hands that might grab and tear, and it works perfectly. 

Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing some sort of home posts, as our home is going to completely change over the next few months from the home of two 20 somethings' to a home perfect for a new family.

Another thing we've been making sure to do a lot of is movie nights. Taking advantage of our Netflix subscription, we've watched movies every night and it's been the perfect way to wind down each night. My favourite film we watched this week has to be Tank Girl, it was so, so good!

July is almost over and it's crazy to think that next week when I share my The Sunday Post, we'll be in August. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone already, or that summer is almost over. Before we know it the leaves will be turning those beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red, before they fall from the trees and sound crunchy underfoot. Autumn is forever my favourite season, and I can't wait. 

I hope you've had a lovely week and an even lovelier weekend. Until next week...