The Sunday Post #38 | A new journal

5 Jul 2015

A picture of Calm by Michael Acton Smith
When I was younger I always tried to keep diaries and journals, but never really stuck at it. I have lost count of the amount of pretty notebooks I bought, determined that this one would be the one I stuck at. 

It's been a long time since I've had the urge to keep a journal. The idea of writing down memories to look back on in years to come is a nice idea, but I always get bored and grow out of it. I suppose in the way even a beauty blog is very much like an online diary - yeh so I'm not documenting life changing experiences and I spend most of the time on Tattooed Tealady talking about makeup, but every now and then I share a more personal life-y post, or days out, events and trips away, things which in years to come I hope I'll look back on and be able to smile fondly as I remember those days. But a proper journal you can hold in your hand, read when you're old and grey and rocking that red lipstick at 90? It's something I've always wanted. I was recently inspired to try again, and for the first time in years, I actually feel optimistic that this time, I might just stick at it.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have noticed me sharing a few pages and inserts from a book I've been reading over recent weeks, Calm by Michael Acton Smith. It's a lovely book; a creative, visual, inspiring and motivating book which helps remind you that staying calm and especially taking the time to be calm, is really important. There's activities, instructions, ideas, pages for you to add to, pages for you to write on, draw on. It's like the perfect adult activity book for a peaceful, positive and calm mind. 

At the beginning of the book one of the things it suggests is taking a few minutes out of each day to write down 3 things in a journal; 'What made you feel calm today?', 'What are you grateful for?' and 'What are three highlights of today?'. There's a couple of pages throughout the book where you can answers each of the questions, but it suggests getting a journal if you want a space to do it everyday - and so I did. Since then each day before bed I have been answering those three questions, as well as using my journal as a 'proper' journal when I feel like writing more in-depth. The journal itself is super simple, just a lined notebook journal I picked up from Tesco for £2.50, but it does the job perfectly.

Taking time out of each day to write down positive, calming moments hasn't only helped calm and soothe me before bed, but it's also inspired me to do more each day to be calmer, live calmer and think calmer. And that is something which is having a massively positive impact on my life.

Do you have a journal?