My top MAC summer lipsticks

12 Jul 2015

A picture of MAC lipsticks

We've been super lucky in the UK to have some beautiful hot sunny days so far this summer, and it's really brought out my lust for bolder, brighter colours. Back in May I shared my top MAC Lipsticks for Spring, so I thought it was about time I did the same for my favourite summer MAC lipsticks, too.
A picture of MAC lispticks
A picture of MAC lipsticks
Top Row L-R: Morange, Embrace Me, Lady Danger, Violetta
Bottom Row L-R: Flat Out Fabulous, Hug Me, Ablaze

When it comes to a really bold shade, few are bolder than MAC Morange. With an Amplified finish, Morange is a truly vivid orange that took me quite a while to pluck up the courage to not only purchase, but also to wear in public. It looks amazing with the natural glow of a healthy tan and is one of the most stand-out shades I own from any brand. 

Once they're no longer available I try and keep limited edition products off the blog - I know how frustrating it can be to want a product that you can no longer get your hands on, but I'm afraid to of my MAC summer lipstick picks are exactly that - limited edition, and both from the Fashion Sets Collection back in 2013. By far one of my favourite MAC collections for the vivid shade range and coordinating products.

The first is MAC Embrace Me, a really bright and bold pink with a fuchsia twist. It's one of those typical pinks that gives a vivid pop of colour, but with a Matte finish, it's much more subtle and softer when on than a lot of vivid pinks available on the beauty scene. 

Back to the permanent shades and we have MAC Lady Danger, not only one of my favourite red lipsticks ever, but also the very first MAC lipstick I added to my lipstick collection. Lady Danger is the perfect red for me; it's an in-between of MAC Ruby Woo and Russian Red, a touch brighter than both with orange undertones that makes it really pop, especially in summer. 

One of my favourite lipsticks of all time and by far one of my favourite purples, is MAC Violetta. This one is a little harder to track down as it's only available in Pro MAC stores, but if you have a Pro store nearby, it's well worth the trip to pick this little beauty up! A beautiful purple with a bright violet twist and an Amplified finish that almost gives it a slight metallic look, it's one of my go-to summer shades and looks amazing with bronzed skin.

If you like your pinks but want something less stand-out than Embrace Me, Flat Out Fabulous - what was once a limited edition shade and has now joined the ranks of the permanent shades on offer from MAC - is a lovely alternative. It's a touch warmer in tone, with a touch of berry which makes this pink wearable all year round. Wearing a bright pink liner underneath can give it a touch more vibrancy, whilst going for a deep berry liner can make it more sultry. A lovely versatile shade with a matte finish.

No matter what time of year, you can't go wrong with a good nude. When it comes to summer one of my favourite nudes is MAC Hug Me. With a Lustre finish it is fairly sheer compared to other nudes in my beauty stash and is like a warm caramel. It works amazingly well worn above other nudes to give them a softer touch with a soft gloss finish, but worn alone it can be the most perfect nude for teaming with any look throughout summer. With summer being the time of year when I experiment more with bolder, brighter colours including bright eyes and coloured eye liner, as well as bolder blushes and deeper bronzes, it makes the most beautiful finishing touch. 

Last but not least and the other limited edition Fashion Sets shade, we have MAC Ablaze. Think of Ablaze as the perfect in-between of Morange and Lady Danger; it's a stunning vivid coral that works with everything from a neutral everyday makeup look to a summer perfect bronzed goddess and is even soft enough to compliment a bold eye and contour. 

Bright summer shades are something I think brands from all price ranges do wonderfully, but when it comes to my favourites MAC is always that stand-out brand for me. For incredible pigmentation, unbelievable longevity and variety of finishes, not forgetting the hugely expansive shade range, there's a MAC shade for all seasons - and these are just a few of my favourite summer shades.

Do you have any go-to summer shades from MAC?