The Sunday Post #36

21 Jun 2015

It's been a couple of weeks since my last The Sunday Post, and we have got a lot to catch up on...

This weekend
You might have noticed that the blog has been very, very quite this month. Back in May I posted about the way I'm currently feeling about blogging, specifically The unspoken blogging rules everyone's talking about. This post was a long time coming for me, and it was something I needed to get off of my chest because seeing constant advice, how-to guides and tips posts had left me feeling as if my own blog was pretty inadequate, because I didn't want to do the things people say you have to do, I don't want my blog, my writing, my photos, to just be a clone of everyone else's blog - the whole point of me personally writing a blog rather than just reading other people's, is because it is unique to me - it is an extension of me and I felt like that wasn't good enough anymore. 

After writing that post, I needed a break, some time away from blogging. I needed to take away the stress I had begun to associate with blogging and find the enjoyment again. So I took that time, whenever I wanted it. First, I took an entire week off - no blogging whatsoever. Gosh it was lovely. Then it was just a case of if I was busy 'in real life' and didn't have time to write a post, I simply didn't write one. I've got into the routine now of not putting the blog first, not when it means stressing myself out, prioritising it over 'real life' things which realistically, should always come first. If I'm busy? The blog can wait. If I want a night being lazy binge watching Netflix? The blog will still be there tomorrow. 

This weekend has been the first time in a long, long time I've felt happy and excited about blogging again. I've sat down and planned weeks worth of posts, I've taken some photos which I'm actually pretty excited about (photos are always where posts really start to come together in my head, for me). I've felt excited to write posts and share some amazing products I've been trying out. This weekend I've rekindled my love for blogging and found my blogging mojo again - and boy did I miss it. 

Download 2015
Last weekend I spent three days in wet and muddy fields for Download festival. Last week I shared my Top 5 festival experiences (so far), and I have to say, a lot of Download 2015 has shot right up in there as an amazing festival with incredible experiences I'll never forget. Like seeing Billy Idol for the first time, who sounded absolutely amazing, to catching Motley Crue again before they retire on NYE - what a show! I saw some of my favourite bands again, got to see some bands I've wanted to watch for a while live for the first time. I ate allllllll the delicious food and binged on doughnuts and churros practically the whole weekend! I survived the mud, the rain, the wind and the cold - even if it did mean coming home with a stonker of a post-Download cold that has stuck with me all week. Honestly, few things make me as happy as live music.

Next week
There is something major happening in my life this coming week, and it's all I can think about. I can't wait to share it with you all soon, but for now I'm just going to leave this little teaser! 

How have things been with you lately? Have you had a good weekend? For Father's Day today we took my daddy-o into town and treated him to breakfast before venturing around a vintage and retro car fair which was on. Came home with some serious motor lust! 

P.s. Thank you for the kind messages, tweets and emails over this month where the blog has been quieter than usual. Thank you for sticking by me and this blog whilst I needed a little time off. x