May 2015 TheVeganKind Review

1 Jun 2015

A picture of Olive Branch Mezze Sun Dried Tomato Paste
The May TheVeganKind box was one of the most delicious boxes of the year so far - I'm a couple of days later than I'd like with my review, but I just had to share the fab May box with you all and it's a good excuse to get yourself subscribed ready for the June box to be shipped very soon!

The May box had a fantastic selection of products and brands covering household essentials, delicious chocolate treats, savoury snacks and a delicious way to spruce up your meals. Let's delve inside shall we?

Olive Branch Mezze Sun Dried Tomato Paste (£2.99) was a pretty exciting product to see inside the May box, as cooking is basically one of my favourite things to do and anything which I can involve in meals and get me trying something new, is already a winner in my eyes! Thankfully, this tasted as good as I hoped and I've used it twice already for different meals - I marinated some veg before slow roasting them in the oven, as well as using it for a tomato based sauce for a pasta dish. Using sun dried tomatoes from Crete alongside sliced olives, sliced garlic and capers, it's absolutely delicious! 

A picture of Ecobamboo Toothbrush
There was a Ecobamboo Toothbrush (£4) inside the May box, which is pretty unique and standout compared to your usual toothbrush supermarket brands. Ecobamboo toothbrushes are 100% fully biodegradable, from all of the packaging down to the bristles, which are BPA free, and handle itself. 100% vegan, it comes in a variety of sizes and bristle strengths, and the handle is made entirely of bamboo! It's always good to have a back-up toothbrush for when you have guests stay, so this is going into the guest box ready for the next time we have an unplanned sleepover.

I find it almost impossible to resist devouring TheVeganKind boxes as soon as they arrive and the more snack based treats inside the May box were so, so hard not to eat all in one go! Savoury wise there were two delicious snacks to get stuck into with the May box; a packet of Chika's Chilli Plantain Crisps (£1.39) as well as a packet of Taking the Pea Sweet Chilli Salsa (£1.50). The plantain crisps were absolutely delicious, with the chilli being just right to give a nice kick without being overwhelming. Taking the Pea was an unusual treat for me, hard crunchy peas with a sweet chilli salsa taste, but they were actually pretty addictive and the packet didn't last long, that's for sure! 

A picture of Chika's Chilli Plantain Crisps and Taking the Pea Sweet Chilli Salsa
If you prefer sweet treats then the Sarelle Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Cream Filled Wafer (75p), deliciously covered with dark chocolate, was not only absolutely scrumptious - but by far my favourite treat from the May box. Seriously, it was so tasty I could have literally eaten a box full! A lovely alternative chocolate treat that's vegan friendly and quite possibly one of the nicest dark chocolate products I've tasted yet!

Last but not least, we have a Good. Chocolate & Mint Fruit & Nut Bar (99p). A good source of natural copper and fibre, it counts as one of your five a day whilst being gluten free and vegan friendly. Personally, I wasn't a fan of this; for me the mint was a touch too strong.

A picture of Sarelle Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Cream Filled Wafer and Good. Chocolate & Mint Fruit & Nut Bar
As well as all these delicious treats, the May box did of course have the usual inserts and information that comes with each monthly TheVeganKind box. There was a delicious recipe card for a vegan friendly treat, information on all the products inside the box alongside pricing information and where to buy/contact the brands featured inside the May box, and an introduction to this month's charity.

Every month TheVeganKind donate 10p from each box sold to a charity nominated and voted for by TheVeganKind subscribers and fans over on Facebook. Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary were the charity chosen for May, a non-profit organisation which provides sanctuary to cows and other farm animals, rescued from meat and dairy industries. Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary is a little bit special, in the fact that it is the only UK based farm animal sanctuary which has a dedicated Cow Protection Program. Find out more on their Facebook page

You can find out more about TheVeganKind and subscribe on the website. TheVeganKind costs £10 a month plus post and packaging. 

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