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18 June

A picture of Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo
When I was hairdressing, I quickly learnt that every single hair type has it's own woes. You can't treat any two hair types the same. I personally have very fine hair which is naturally oily. Oily and fine hair can be extremely difficult to maintain; if you don't use the right products, or use too much product, fine hair can very quickly make you look as if you've poured a pot of grease over your head. The amount of times I've washed and styled my hair in the morning, and by bedtime it looks and feels as if it hasn't been washed in days. Fine hair can so quickly look lank and lifeless, you want to style it properly to give it some life, but if you don't start out right, you're set for disaster from the get-go.

A picture of Liz Earle Botanical Shine Conditioner for Fine or Oily Hair

 For me, the best start for oily and fine hair is using the right shampoo and conditioner. Just as with skincare, where cleansing is the starting point of a good skincare routine and super important to ensure that your skin is clean and clear, ready to take the full benefits from the rest of the products in your skincare routine, using the right shampoo is the best way to keep on top of oily and fine hair. 

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo is a product I've used in sample size a couple of times now, and really, really liked. It's suitable for all hair types, but for my fine and naturally oily hair I've been amazed how well it works. It has quite a light-weight formula, a formula which is very easy to work into my hair to gently clean and cleanse hair and scalp, but with a lovely set of ingredients that manages to keep my hair feeling lovely, too. A lot of shampoos feel heavy in my hair and can leave my hair getting quite knotted in the process, whereas Botanical Shine makes my hair feel as if it's brand new - even before applying conditioner!

It utilises West African Shea Butter, which is a natural source of Vitamin E, alongside Apple and Orange extracts which work to give hair a natural shine. Using naturally derived cleansers, it's very gentle on hair, managing to cleanse without stripping hair of essential oils our hair needs. It's completely Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate free, and works into a gentle, rich lather. Because the consistency is just right, I find a little goes a long way - which means a full size 200ml tube lasts absolutely ages! It also smells lovely, which is always a plus with shampoos! 

The conditioner range from Liz Earle has recently been completely revamped, featuring 3 different conditioners for specific hair types; one for normal hair, one for dry and damaged hair and one for fine or oily hair. Even if you use the best shampoo in the world (which I have to admit, for oily/fine hair, Botanical Shine is very close to getting that award from me!), if you use an inappropriate conditioner, it can reverse all the good your shampoo has done and make styling and maintaining hair a difficult task. I think the new range of Botanical Shine Conditioners from Liz Earle is fantastic for featuring different formulas and ingredients for different hair types, and I've been really enjoying the one specifically designed for fine or oily hair.

Designed to help your hair stay radiant, without the usual oily, dull or lank lifeless woes fine and oily hair encounters, like the shampoo is has a great light-weight formula that is perfect for fine hair. It's safe for use with coloured hair (so you don't have to worry about it fading your colour), and completely Silicone free, formulated with Black Cohosh which works to balance hair, with the same shine-boosting Apple and Orange extracts as the shampoo. I always apply conditioner on mid-lengths to ends, with just a teeny tiny bit on the root area (although some people prefer to avoid the root area altogether), and I find leaving this in for just a few minutes is enough for my hair to get the benefits. Unlike many conditioners, the light-weight formula means it gives my hair some much needed life, a little volume boost and alongside the Kalahari Melon Oil, is left feeling soft and smooth.

The Botanical Shine Shampoo and the Botanical Shine Conditioner are available in a 200ml tube for £10 as well as a travel friendly 50ml tube for £5.75, and you can also pick up 3 200ml tubes for £27, which gives you a saving of £3. 

If you have oily and fine hair like me, I really recommend giving this range a try. It makes my hair so much more manageable, I can even go two days without having to wash my hair daily, and they work well when styling hair, too. If anything, I find my hair easier to style and manage without the need of additional styling products, since using the Botanical Shine range on a regular basis. 

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  1. I have used the shampoo before because obviously its the only one they do and I really love it! I use the conditioner for dry/damaged hair though and although its really good I just wanted it to give me a little more moisture but I think that's more down to the fact I love more mask type conditioners as to your normal ones. I'm glad these worked well with your hair though xxx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

    1. Ah no, I'm sorry to hear the conditioner for dry and damaged hair wasn't as conditioning as you would have liked. You'd think it would be considering the hair type it's designed for, but if you prefer masks I do think it's hard to find a conditioner that will give you as good results as a proper mask! Have you tried Bleach London Resurrection Mask? It's amazing! xo

  2. I've always wanted to try Liz Earle shampoos and conditioners but for some reason thought they were super pricey?! Glad to hear you love this combination, i'll have to pick up some travel sizes and see how I get on :)

    X Emma |

    1. I think considering it is Liz Earle, they are super, super reasonable, especially for the amazing quality :) Let me know how you get on with the travel sizes xo

  3. I LOVE the Liz Earle hair care range. My hair has been really bad lately, very weak and brittle. But since using this shampoo, my hair has strengthened and it hasn't been snapping as much. It is great and worth every penny, don't think I could live without it! x

    1. Ah I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the Liz Earle Botanical Shine range too! Have you tried the hair oil? That's next on my 'to try' list! xo

  4. i have oily hair.If i have ,ahref="">oily< and fine hair like me, I really recommend giving this range a can makes my hair so much more manageable,????please give me solution

  5. The styling methods you use to get your hair looking stylish may cause you to inadvertently damage your hair.

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