#GayIsOK | Lush Love Soap

27 Jun 2015

A picture of #GayIsOK Lush Love Soap
Lush are well known for their campaigns, supporting charities, groups and organisations around the world as well as being famously known for their hugely active part in animal rights campaigns. Today I wanted to share a post with you all which is different to the usual campaigns from Lush, a campaign with a message which is very close to my heart, a campaign I wholeheartedly support. 


The newest campaign from Lush is a positive show of support for gay rights, a campaign which focuses on celebrating the right to love whoever you want, regardless of gender, whilst highlighting the unfortunate and unfair policies and laws around the world which make love for same-sex couples illegal. I know, it's absolutely crazy to think that there are places in this world where loving someone with the same gender as yourself, is illegal. It's something I really struggle to wrap my head around - how can it be illegal to love someone?

As far as I am concerned, you have the right to love whoever the hell you want. Whatever your gender, whatever your sexuality, you have the right to love whoever you love. It shocks me that there are places in the world where this is even questioned, that it is even a problem - that we have to fight and campaign for human beings to have the basic right to love. But whilst that fight is there, whilst voices are needed to help that campaign, my voice and support and love will be there, for everyone.

#GayisOK is a campaign taking part between June 25th and July 5th. During this time Lush stores around the world will be asking their customers to think about a very important question - what if your love was illegal? - whilst encouraging them to take selfies with the campaign product, Love Soap. The great thing? The campaign is already off to an amazing start with people on all different social networks sharing their support for #GayIsOK, sharing selfies with their Love Soap and supporting Lush and All Out, the charity they have teamed up with for this campaign.

The sad thing? The Love Soap is not available in every single Lush shop and website worldwide - because there are countries which make positive, affirmative and supportive messages and campaigns for gay rights illegal. There are 100 Lush shops around the world, where it will be illegal to sell Love Soap. It's unimaginable, isn't it?

This is why I think this campaign is even more important. This is why I think it is even more important for us to support Lush, to support All Out, to continue to support groups and charities around the world who campaign for equal rights for LGBT people all over the world, people who deserve to live a happy and safe life, people who deserve to be in same-sex relationships, who deserve to be open and confident in who they are. It is a basic human right.

To show your support for #GayIsOK, you can take part in this hugely positive movement by sharing messages of support and love on any social network, using the hashtag #GayIsOK. Love Soap is a beautifully gold sparkly and deliciously scented soap which has the same scent as Lush's Love Fragrance. Proceeds from sales of Love Soap, which costs just £4 for 120g, will be going to LGBT groups around the world as well as All Out, to help support them in future efforts in securing a happy, secure and safe future for everyone.

Will you be spreading the message that #GayIsOK?

Love Soap is available in Lush stores nationwide, as well as online at www.lush.co.uk.

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