Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6

16 Jun 2015

A picture of Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6
As June rolled around I couldn't help but get excited for the release of Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6. After being asked to be the Beauty Editor for Issue 5 earlier in the year, I was super excited to be asked to stay on the team for Issue 6, sharing more of my most favourite beauty blogs with you all. 

For those of you new to Blogosphere Magazine, it is a wonderful magazine which is written by bloggers, for bloggers. It covers all sorts of different blogging topics and niches, so it's a perfect way to be introduced to lots of new blogs and maybe even types of blogs you had never considered reading before. There's sections on photography, food, travel, fashion, lifestyle and of course, beauty. Each section has it's own editor, who shares their 5 favourite blogs from that topic. Without fail, every single issue has provided me with some fantastic new blog reads and Issue 6 is no different - I've added every single blog to my reading list and I can't wait to keep up with all their latest posts!

As well as sections on different blogging topics, there's a lot more than Blogosphere Magazine has to offer. There's the cover-star interview, which for Issue 6 is with Marcus Butler, as well as interesting and thought-provoking articles and features. Issue 6 includes 'How to become a professional blogger', 'Beating anorexia through my blog', 'Vine: all you need to know', 'Social Media' and 'YouTube VS TV'. 

There's also some fab sections like 'In the spotlight' which highlights some up and coming blogs to keep an eye on, the 'Agony Aunt' section which is a great way to get some proper advice on serious questions bloggers have about blogging. This issue, Elizabeth from Rosalilium took up the role of agony aunt, answering 3 very interesting questions; 'What are the rules with using pictures from Google Images on your blog?', 'I'm not very confident on camera, but should I start a YouTube channel?' and 'I think my blog has the potential to be really big, but I need to spend more time on it. Should I give up my job?'. 

For me, Blogosphere Magazine isn't just a must-read for bloggers, but a fantastic publication for everyone from those thinking of starting out in the blogging and YouTube world, to those who prefer just to read and watch others. It's been fantastic seeing Blogosphere Magazine grow since Issue 1, and I know it'll continue to grow and expand. A wonderfully inspiring and motivating celebration of blogging.

You can order your copy of Blogosphere Magazine here for £4, as well as finding it in these WHSmith stores. It's also available as an e-book for just £3!