Are Urban Decay Naked palettes really worth the hype?

10 Jun 2015

A picture of Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes
With news of the latest Naked palette from Urban Decay soon to be released, Naked palettes are once again the talk of the beauty adorers worldwide. But are they really worth the hype?

A picture of Urban Decay Naked, Urban Decay Naked 2 and Urban Decay Naked 3

A picture of Urban Decay Naked Basics and Urban Decay Naked Basics 2
Of all the brands and beauty products out there, the Naked range from Urban Decay is probably the range I see most talked about. A range which is constantly expanding, whenever a new palette is released it's like a mad rush to get your hands on it before it sells out. Long before I got into beauty blogging, long before I even indulged in high-end beauty brands and when I didn't know all that much at all about makeup, I lusted after the original Urban Decay Naked Palette like you wouldn't believe. Every time I popped into Debenhams in Nottingham, I was drawn to the Urban Decay concession and it was the Naked palette which always had me swooning. 

Personally, I think Urban Decay is one of the top top brands when it comes to eyeshadows. The quality of the shadows is always perfect; buttery velvet-soft formulas with amazing colour pay-off, great blendability and lasting-power that keeps them from creasing throughout the day. Urban Decay are one of those brands who has incredible shade ranges for their products, and when it comes to their eyeshadow palettes they have a knack of teaming together a beautiful selection of shades that just works.

There are currently 5 eyeshadow palettes in the Naked family, with the newest Naked Smoky Palette set to release this summer. The new Smoky palette is going to be a welcome addition to the Naked family, a new and innovative selection of shades which differs greatly from the traditionally neutral shades which feature in the other Naked palettes. 

For me, the Naked palettes are an invaluable part of my makeup collection. For starters, I am a big fan of eyeshadow palettes in general. I have a slight addiction to them (understatement), and think eyeshadow palettes are the most cost-effective way to build a collection of shadows which can create a variety of looks. A palette offers you the ease of having a ton of shades in one compact palette, giving you the ability to create everything from subtle daytime looks to bolder night-time eyes. 

The larger Naked palettes house 12 shades each, costing £38, whilst the smaller Naked Basics palette house 6 shades, costing £23. If you were to buy that amount of Urban Decay shadows individually, it would cost you a lot, lot more; with individual shadows costing £12, 12 shadows would cost you a massive £168, whilst 6 shadows would set you back £84. Although the initial cost of a Naked palette can be a lot to spend in one go, the cost overall for what you are getting is really reasonable in my opinion, and something well worth investing in if you want a quick and easy way of building up your eyeshadow collection. 

I own all 5 of the Naked eyeshadow palettes. What can I say? I'm a makeup addict with a penchant for eyeshadow palettes. Of the 3 larger palettes; Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3, Naked is easily my favourite. I loved the Naked 2 palette too, but I just find the tone of shades in the original Naked palette easier to work with. Naked 3 is equally as beautiful, I adore all of the shades inside this rose-gold themed palette, but I think the shades in this one are probably just a touch harder to get to grips with for all complexions and confidence levels. 

The Naked Basics palettes are also (of course) favourites of mine, and palettes I turn to regularly because each has a stunning matte theme, with 1 subtle shimmer finish shadow teamed with 5 matte shadows. Matte shadows are hard to come by, especially in eyeshadow palettes, so I think the Basics palettes are a fantastic idea - and great for those who prefer matte shadows to shimmer, frost or glitter finishes. Of the two Basics palettes, Basics 2 is my favourite of the two; the shades are easier to work with and for me, more flattering in tone.

Do I think the Naked palettes are an absolute necessity? Maybe not all 5, but I do think if you can decide on one which ticks all your boxes shade, tone and finish wise, then they are a great investment to make. For me, they are a staple in my makeup collection, and a range of palettes I would always recommend to anyone from makeup beginners to eyeshadow addicts. I'm a self-confessed Naked addict, and I can't wait for the release of Naked Smoky!

Do you own any Naked palettes? Do you agree and think they're worth the hype, or do you think they're overrated? Are you excited for the release of the new Naked Smoky? Let me know, and if you think there are any other must-have eyeshadow palettes out there I should give a try, I'd love to hear your recommendations! 

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