30 June 2015

French Sole June 2015 Birchbox UK

A picture of French Sole June 2015 Birchbox UK
It seems 2015 has been the year of fab collaborations and beautifully designed boxes for Birchbox, and the June box is no different. A fun collaboration with French Sole, Birchbox have created a stunning array of boxes this month; with 3 different designs, each is a gorgeous stand-out box with a matching bag inside the box. I have to admit, I think my floral June box could be my favourite design yet! 

So the box might be pretty, what about the products inside? Birchbox have pulled a blinder this month, with some fantastic brands and products. Personally? I am smitten!

29 June 2015

Introducing The Melt Crowd

A picture of The Melt Crowd June 2015 Box
We all know I love subscription boxes and over the next couple of days I have some amazing June boxes to share with you all. But first? I wanted to introduce a new box to you all, and one which has me pretty darn excited. If you're a candle addict like me, this is going to be absolutely perfect for you! 

28 June 2015

The Sunday Post #37

This week has been a rollercoaster for me. It's been busy, it's had some very important appointments and meetings and it's been one which has completely changed my overall attitude as a person. Funny how life works sometimes isn't it?


27 June 2015

#GayIsOK | Lush Love Soap

A picture of #GayIsOK Lush Love Soap
Lush are well known for their campaigns, supporting charities, groups and organisations around the world as well as being famously known for their hugely active part in animal rights campaigns. Today I wanted to share a post with you all which is different to the usual campaigns from Lush, a campaign with a message which is very close to my heart, a campaign I wholeheartedly support. 

25 June 2015

The Empties #5

A couple of weeks back I shared my first empties post in a long, long time, having let my empties box build up into a monster of empty products. Today I'm back with another empties post; short and sweet reviews of the latest skincare and body care products I've finished up! Empties posts are a great way to see what someone really thinks about a product once they've finished it all up - would I recommend these products to others, and even more importantly, would I repurchase?


23 June 2015

NARS Jardin Perdu Eyeshadow Duo

A picture of NARS Jardin Perdu Eyeshadow Duo
I'm a big fan of NARS eyeshadows, owning a little selection of limited edition eyeshadow palettes that make me swoon every time I use them. NARS Jardin Perdu is my first eyeshadow duo, a much more compact way to try NARS eyeshadows, with two shades that have been selected to work together perfectly. 

22 June 2015

The Budget Contour Kits

A picture of Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium and Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit
Contouring has been in the beauty spotlight for quite some time now, with both high-street and high-end brands expanding their products and shade ranges to include must-have products and easy-to-use kits, making that sculpted, contoured look effortless. Whether you read blogs, magazines or prefer catching up with your favourite beauty guru on YouTube, everyone is talking about contour kits, and every brand is trying to compete in what is quickly becoming a very competitive place in beauty; to create the ultimate contour kit, the contour kit that sculpts and defines perfectly and wins the hearts of beauty adorers worldwide. 

21 June 2015

The Sunday Post #36

It's been a couple of weeks since my last The Sunday Post, and we have got a lot to catch up on...

18 June 2015

Liz Earle Botanical Shine for fine oily hair

A picture of Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo
When I was hairdressing, I quickly learnt that every single hair type has it's own woes. You can't treat any two hair types the same. I personally have very fine hair which is naturally oily. Oily and fine hair can be extremely difficult to maintain; if you don't use the right products, or use too much product, fine hair can very quickly make you look as if you've poured a pot of grease over your head. The amount of times I've washed and styled my hair in the morning, and by bedtime it looks and feels as if it hasn't been washed in days. Fine hair can so quickly look lank and lifeless, you want to style it properly to give it some life, but if you don't start out right, you're set for disaster from the get-go.

16 June 2015

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6

A picture of Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6
As June rolled around I couldn't help but get excited for the release of Blogosphere Magazine Issue 6. After being asked to be the Beauty Editor for Issue 5 earlier in the year, I was super excited to be asked to stay on the team for Issue 6, sharing more of my most favourite beauty blogs with you all. 

11 June 2015

Top 5 Festival Experiences (so far)

Finally, the weekend is almost here, tomorrow is June 12th and officially Download Festival weekend! I get ready to head to Castle Donnington tomorrow for the first day of a what is going to be a pretty immense weekend of metal music, so I decided it was the perfect time to share a festival related post with you all - my Top 5 Festival Experiences (so far). 

10 June 2015

Are Urban Decay Naked palettes really worth the hype?

A picture of Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes
With news of the latest Naked palette from Urban Decay soon to be released, Naked palettes are once again the talk of the beauty adorers worldwide. But are they really worth the hype?

9 June 2015

Finished Reading | May 2015

With May over and June well underway, it's time to share my thoughts on the books I read throughout May. There's quite a mix of genres and themes in the books I delved into last month, all of which kept me captivated and turning the pages.

8 June 2015

The Empties #4

A picture of lots of beauty products
It's been quite a while since I last shared an empties post and in that time my empties box got very, very full. I've a few empties post coming your way over the next few weeks, all with quite a lot of products in each one - so these reviews are going to be short and sweet, recapping products I've reviewed before, sharing thoughts on products which were new to me. Let's get stuck in shall we?


5 June 2015

Too Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick

A picture of Too Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick

We all know I'm a sucker for liquid lacquers. Over the past few months I've shared my love for liquid lacquers in quite a few different posts, in particular my Top Brands for Liquid Lacquers post which featured my top picks of both high-street and high-end liquid lacquers. I'll always love the traditional lipstick, but there's something about liquid lipsticks that I just adore. 

4 June 2015

This month's favourites | May 2015

A picture of beauty products in acrylic storage
I think it's safe to say May was a month of beauty indulgence. I spent more time pampering, spent longer doing my skincare routine both morning and night after realising just how much happier my skin looks when I take the time to really massage my skin, and become besotted with a couple of old favourites which are perfect for spring and summer. 

1 June 2015

May 2015 TheVeganKind Review

A picture of Olive Branch Mezze Sun Dried Tomato Paste
The May TheVeganKind box was one of the most delicious boxes of the year so far - I'm a couple of days later than I'd like with my review, but I just had to share the fab May box with you all and it's a good excuse to get yourself subscribed ready for the June box to be shipped very soon!

The May box had a fantastic selection of products and brands covering household essentials, delicious chocolate treats, savoury snacks and a delicious way to spruce up your meals. Let's delve inside shall we?
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