The bronzer for all complexions

7 May 2015

A picture of Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil and Dark Chocolate Soleil
When I think back over the years of my makeup obsession, there's one product which stands out the most as my ultimate favourite, a product I was and still am completely obsessed with. Bronzer has always been one of the products which gives me the most confidence, and well before I got the guts to brave blusher (which I've only been using for the past 3 years), bronzer was my go-to product.

A picture of Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil and Dark Chocolate Soleil

A picture of Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

A picture of Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil and Dark Chocolate Soleil

A picture of Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil and Dark Chocolate Soleil

A picture of Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil and Dark Chocolate Soleil
Because of my Mediterranean background and naturally olive complexion, I find bronzer very easy to work with and I never, ever put makeup on without applying bronzer too. I just don't think I look right without bronzer on! Over the years as I have shared reviews of my favourite and most loved bronzers, one comment seems to crop up the most; pale skinned beauties who are afraid to wear bronzer, worried they'll end up looking more orange than bronzed, struggling to find a shade that works with their fairer complexion. 

I completely understand the worry that comes with wearing bronzer. Although I don't have pale skin myself and I adore wearing bronzer, it isn't hard to see that a lot of brands manage to make their bronzers more orange than bronze, which shades which can sometimes be far too muddy and dark to suit a variety of complexions. In contrast, some brands who try hard to stray away from orange undertones end up with a super ashy shade, which can wash out complexions and have just as negative affect. Some brands will only have one or two bronzers in their range, and very rarely do the shades suit both paler and darker complexions. One brand who has bronzers spot on, with a key range which caters to a variety of complexions, is Too Faced.

The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is no stranger to Tattooed Tealady, in fact it's recently featured in two posts - This Month's Favourites | March 2015 and Top Contour Products. The shade I already had in my beauty stash was Medium/Tan, the in-between shade within the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer range, which for me is the most perfect bronzer shade for all year round that also doubles up wonderfully as a great contour shade. 

I was recently very kindly sent a selection of Too Faced bronzers, which included all 3 shades of the Chocolate Soleil range. The shades are Milk Chocolate Soleil; a light/medium matte bronzer, Chocolate Soleil; a medium/deep matte bronzer, and Dark Chocolate Soleil; a deep/tan matte bronzer. Admittedly, I can get away with all 3 shades, but I think each would work well for a variety of complexions. 

Milk Chocolate Soleil is a pale cool-toned bronzer that would be perfect for paler skinned beauties. It's not too obvious, fairly subtle in shade and not a hint of orange in sight. On paler complexions this would work so well as a bronzer which overall warms the complexion, whilst building up nicely for a natural looking contour. This is so well suited to paler complexions, that I think it would be almost invisible on complexions darker than my own.

Chocolate Soleil, the shade I have been using for almost a year now, is a nice step up from Milk Chocolate, just a touch deeper in shade and again, cool-toned without an orange tinge or looking too ashy. I love using this as an overall bronzer to warm my complexion as well as a contour shade, which it works really well for without being too over the top or dark. 

Dark Chocolate Soleil is not as dark as the name would suggest, but would definitely be harder to work with paler complexions, but great for those with darker complexions than my own. Like Milk Chocolate and Chocolate, it's cool in tone and works well as a contour and all over bronze - for me it would be purely a summer bronzer.

Too Faced Soleil bronzers are some of the best I have ever come across. They have incredibly soft powder formulas, no fallout whatsoever, apply very easily whilst blending like a dream. They manage to look natural and flattering opposed to obvious and stark against skin, lasting really well throughout the day. Presented in gorgeous pale gold compacts with a mirror inside for makeup-on-the-go, each one has 10g of product. They also smell like chocolate, what's not to love?!

If you've been looking for a bronzer, whether a pale beauty, olive toned like me or with a darker complexion than my own, check out the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil range!

Available at (as well as in-store counters), RRP £25.

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