The Sunday Post #34

17 May

"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today."

3 Things that made me happy this week...
1. Let's get soppy for a moment here: I've been with my partner for over 3 years now, living together for most of that time too. Sometimes he can wind me up something rotten, but I honestly don't know what I would do without him. I don't really talk about him much here on the blog, but when someone makes you as content as he makes me, it's nice to acknowledge that sometimes, you know?
2. Supportive friends: This week has shown me how very lucky I am to have some incredible and super supportive friends - they know who they are!
3. Getting more active: The spring weather is well and truly underway and I've started to up the exercise again. Taking daily walks for 30 minutes everyday, and in the process of starting yoga (currently in the 'research' stage as I want to start out the right way rather than jumping in and doing myself some damage!). 

This week I was inspired by....
Everyone who has actively taken part in Mental Health Awareness Week, to bring mental health to the forefront of people's minds and conversations, opening up discussions and debates on an incredibly important topic that deserves more attention that it gets. Mental Health Awareness Week, as well as Mental Health Awareness Month, are hugely instrumental in helping to make people better educated on mental health in the hopes of getting better help for those who need it, reducing the stigma associated with mental health and overall, showing society that having a mental health disorder does not mean you are worth any less than someone who doesn't encounter mental health issues. 

To help spread the word for Mental Health Awareness Week, I opened up the space here on Tattooed Tealady to 6 bloggers of all ages and niches, to share their thoughts, experiences and advice on mental health. A two part series, you can read part one here and part two here. A huge thank you to each of the girls who took part and were brave enough to share their stories and experiences here on the blog! 

Currently reading....
The Girl with all the Gifts by Mike Carey, which I featured in yesterday's May Book Haul post. I bought this book entirely off of the back of a Joss Whedon review, and it is nothing like what I expected it to be - in fact, it's a world apart from what I expected. I'm thoroughly enjoying it though, definitely intrigued to see how the story plays out! I've heard it's being turned into a movie, so it'd be interesting to see if the movie takes on the same theme as the book or just becomes a rubbish book-to-movie adaption (which I find most book-to-movie adaptions turn out to be...).

Add this blog to your reading list...
OK, so unlike previous weeks where my must-read blog recommendations have been beauty/lifestyle etc themed blogs, this one is very different but one I find incredibly interesting with constant new content that's thought provoking and relevant to my own personal interests. For those of you new to Tattooed Tealady and aren't aware, I studied Psychology at University, graduating last summer on my 26th birthday, and I have a huge passion for Psychology on a whole with the hopes of a career in Forensics. The British Psychological Society Research Digest: Blogging on Brain and Behaviour, is an incredibly captivating blog that I highly recommend checking out if you have any interests in Psychology/human beings/society/life in general. 

Catch up with this week's posts on Tattooed Tealady...

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