The Sunday Post #32

03 May

A picture of Calm by Michael Action Smith
Happy Sunday! Back to the usual routine of The Sunday Post, after last's weeks blog update takeover (read here), it's time to catch up on the past week.

3 Things that made me happy this week...
1. Beauty orders: Earlier today I shared a little high-street beauty haul (see here), and I've been trying out the products I picked up over the past couple of days. It might sound crazy that beauty products could be something that has made me happy this week, but considering this is a blog dedicated to reviewing beauty products, I suppose it isn't so strange after all! I am just really, really impressed with the products I picked up and it's rekindled my love for some budget-friendly brands that I haven't tried in quite a while. Have you found any high-street beauty gems recently?

2. The start of May: Not only does the start of May mean that summer is even closer, but it means that next month is June. OK, OK, getting a little ahead of myself here as it's only May 3rd, but once May is over and June is here, it means one and only one thing in the Tattooed Tealady household; Download Festival! I am so, so overexcited for Download this year, mainly because I'm seeing some of my favourite bands as well as someone whose forever been on my 'must-see' list, which is turning me into a giddy little girl! Are you going to any festivals this summer? Would you like to see any festival themed posts here on the blog? 

3. Colouring in: If you spotted last night's post on my exclusive reader offer in collaboration with Birchbox (see here), you'll have spotted my very own customised May Birchbox which I have spent the past few days colouring in. For those who have been reading Tattooed Tealady for a while and caught my 'Colouring away anxiety' post back in October last year, you'll know that I adore colouring in and find it a perfect way to unwind. Colouring in the May Birchbox has given me the push I needed to get my colouring books out again, as well as adding a few more to my Amazon wishlist! Do you have any adult colouring books?

This week I was inspired by....
This week I wasn't inspired by a specific person or article, but more a genre of books. I am really into positivity and firmly believe that your happiness is largely down to how you approach life and what decisions you choose to make. A couple of weeks back I picked up some books which are themed around appreciating life and taking the time to enjoy life, without letting yourself get unnecessarily stressed or upset. In particular, Calm by Michael Acton Smith (which the book page featured at the top of today's post is from!). Do you have any books on your bookcase for helping you stay positive and happy?
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Currently reading...
As well as Calm, which is more of a 'read bits here and there' kind of book, I've just started The Rosie Effect, which is the second book in the Don Tillman series by Graeme Simsion. I've literally only just started this one, but after really enjoying The Rosie Project, I'm excited to read The Rosie Effect!
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Add this blog to your reading list...
Lilmisschickas was one of the first blogs I ever started reading blogs back in 2012 when I started Tattooed Tealady, and over the years not only has it remained one of my favourite reads for beauty and lifestyle posts, but the writer, Charlotte, has become one of my closest and dearest friends. I always love new content from Charlotte and today's post made her an easy choice for this week's 'add this blog to your reading list' pick - 5 Lessons I've Learnt While Blogging.

Catch up with this weeks posts

Catch up with last week's The Sunday Post #31 | Blog Update here.

How has the past week treated you? Do you have any plans for tomorrow's Bank Holiday Monday?

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  1. I'm rather jealous that you're attending Download this year; so many of my favourite bands are attending this year, the majority of which I've seen previously but I would still kill to see them again! Obviously I don't know you're exact music tastes but if you're into them and get the chance I would definitely recommend going to watch Motley Crue, they put on one of the best shows ever! HellYeah are totally underrated but equally as fab and Black Stone Cherry are just one of the best bands when it comes to live gigs in my opinion. So gutted i'm missing the chance to see Slash and Thunder though! (Can you tell that beauty isn't my first love yet? haha)

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

    1. Aha, Motley Crue are one of the bands I'm most excited to see! I've seen them live before, at my first ever festival actually! But as they're retiring NYE this year, I'm so glad they'll be at Download! I adore Black Stone Cherry but they clash with Slipknot unfortunately! Slipknot are one of my favourite bands, so I can't miss them (even though I've seen them live a few times now) So many good acts on this year - I'm most excited to FINALLY see Billy Idol! xo

    2. They're fantastic, aren't they?! I saw them a few years back when they toured with Def Leppard and Steel Panther and was so impressed and so glad I got to see them before they retired! Ah gutted, understandably, Slipknot would be a priority! Gah, i'm so envious right now!


    3. I love Motley Crue live, mainly because of just how utterly wild the crowd goes! Clashes are the one downside to Download and the one thing I loved about Sonisphere who make sure there are no clashes between the main and 2nd stage. Thankfully I have seen Black Stone Cherry before so it's not a complete disaster! How come you're not doing Download this year then? xo

    4. The atmosphere is incredible, I completely agree! I'm basically too poor to go to Download unfortunately! Unless you want to hide me in one of your bags? haha!


    5. Haha! I'm not camping unfortunately. I used to camp every year but since a very bad experience in 2012 (we went on the Wednesday, the rain was horrendous, mud ankle deep 1st night, freezing temperatures, then I got mugged!) we now just do day tickets with Download as we live a couple of miles away! Also, saves us money just doing day tickets, we get to come home and sleep in a proper bed and shower and do makeup/hair before each day. Bliss! Still camp at festivals further afield, but I doubt we'll ever camp at Download again! xo