Sleek Fandango Purple Matte Me Lip Cream

17 May 2015

A picture of Sleek Fandango Purple Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream

I remember when Sleek released their Matte Me range and a ton of bloggers I follow were reviewing them. At the time they really caught my eye, but I was in a bit of a 'high-end is best' frame of mind and didn't consider actually giving them a try myself. For a long time I'd completely forgotten about them, until tons of you, both in comments on the blog and Instagram comments, started recommending them to me as a good budget-friendly option for a liquid lipstick.

I love liquid lipsticks, I honestly think they are one of the best lip products ever created; when you find one that does the job right you're guaranteed to have a long-lasting, stand-out and highly pigmented product that takes away the fuss of re-applying and worrying over smudging or bleeding/feathering. I've shared my Top Brands for Liquid Lacquers before, but they were all pretty high-end in price, except for the Sephora options which aren't easy to get your hands on here in the UK. 

The Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream range is incredibly budget-friendly at just £4.99 each, available in 6 vibrant shades to suit a variety of complexions and tastes. When placing some recent beauty orders I was determined to give the Matte Me range a try and had my eye on a few shades, but they were all sold out! I ended up going for Fandango Purple, which was a popular recommendation from readers and friends alike who know I love a bright, bold lip. 

Sleek describe these are lipglosses, but personally there's no doubt whatsoever that they are liquid lipsticks. They apply highly pigmented colour in one application that dries fairly quickly to a matte finish and feel completely weightless when on. The lasting power is absolutely amazing for such a budget-friendly product; yesterday I applied Fandango Purple around 12pm midday, and it lasted without fading or smudging throughout the day through eating, drinking, working, napping, the works! 

For a matte finish it is quite drying but I found slathering on a good lip balm half an hour before application and straight after removing it whilst cleansing last night, left my lips feeling normal and comfortable. Definitely a product that would apply, look and feel better on smooth and soft lips; if you have a good lip scrub and balm in your daily routine, you'll be fine.

Fandango Purple is a bold, vibrant purple, slightly darker than I expected on the lip but has a beautiful bright violet undertone that is just absolutely beautiful. I am so, so impressed and plan to add Birthday Suit, a lovely nude, to my beauty stash soon!

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