Should you be trying Lush massage bars?

5 May 2015

A picture of Lush massage bars
There's few things which make my mind and body feel as happy as a good massage. I put off having massages for years, paranoid that a big girl like me shouldn't get her body out for anyone let alone for someone to give me a massage! Over the past couple of years my body insecurities have lessened and I've had the pleasure of experiencing a few massages, all of which have left me feeling so incredibly serene, with a body that's left feeling brand new. There's something very special about massages that few other things can compare to (yes, even the most perfect pampering bath!), but they can also be incredibly expensive and so they're not something I indulge in regularly. 

One way to get the benefits of a massage without the high-end price tag, is taking some DIY action, grabbing some perfect massage products and doing it yourself (or, getting someone to give you a massage). Of course, I would always recommend that if you have any actual back/shoulder/neck problems that need to be seen to by a professional, then it's best to go down the professional route and book yourself in for a massage that can specifically target any areas of issue. Otherwise, so long as you're careful and don't put too much pressure or force on yourself or someone else, then I'm all for indulging in massages at home!

Did you know that massages have a variety of health benefits? Not just for your body, either, but your mind, energy and overall health, too. Massages are a fantastic way to improve circulation in your body, which can also be done when exfoliating or applying body lotions and potions, by massaging in circular upwards motions from your feet up. They can also be a fantastic way to improve your sleeping pattern by reducing sleep disturbance and improving your body's natural circadian rhythm. 

Massages can be an easy way to ease pain, recommended by the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society as an effective method of treating lower back pain. My favourite way to ease back pain is by indulging in a very hot bubble bath with some of my favourite treatment oils, followed by an at-home massage, doing wonders for my aches and pains. 

Massages can also be a fantastic way to reduce stress, boost the immune system and elevate your mood. I don't know about you, but whenever I have a massage - whether by a professional or at home - I am left feeling completely and utterly relaxed. It's as though my entire body has been swapped for a new one, feeling renewed and revived, both mentally and physically. 

Lush Massage Bars are a fantastic budget-friendly way to get the benefits of a massage at home, without the price tag of going for a professional massage. They have a huge selection of 14 massage bars and products, ranging in price from £4.95 - £6.95 each, all providing multiple uses so working out very good for the price! 

Percup Massage Bar costs £6.50 and has been created to perk up skin, packed with caffeine fuelled ingredients such as whole coffee beans which help to improve circulation, alongside coconut and jojoba oils which hydrate and nourish. It has quite a warming, masculine scent, very lovely on a cold evening when you need warming up from the inside out. 

Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar costs £5.95, with a beautiful Jasmine and Ylang Ylang floral scent. Created with balancing and restorative rose absolute alongside skin-softening Fairtrade organic cocoa butter, leaves skin feeling soft as well as revived, with a scent that lingers well throughout the day - this one is especially lovely after a hot bath! 

Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar costs £5.95 and is the perfect massage bar for tea addicts who need a wind down. With the signature Earl Gey scent of uplifting and refreshing lemon oil alongside cleansing bergamot, it's a great one for relieving tension in both your body and mind, and smells amazing! 

Dirty Massage Bar costs £5.95 and is my partner's favourite; a spearmint and herbal scented massage bar akin to the Lush Gorilla perfume, it's packed with cocoa powder and vegan dark chocolate, a heady scent that leaves you feeling perked up and revived in minutes.

Pearl Massage Bar costs £6.50 and is my favourite of the bunch, not only for the delightful pink and white design, but the scent for this one is just absolutely scrumptious! One of the more light and playful scents in the Lush massage bar range, it has a sweet and floral scent with antioxidant argan oil, soothing rose oil and rose absolute, topped with sago bubbles. This one literally makes me want to fall asleep it relaxes me so much! 

Another massage bar from Lush I've tried before and would recommend is Each Peach (And Two's a Pair) with is another beautifully scented one, costing £5.95.

Have you tried Lush massage bars before? Do you take time to massage products into your skin, or indulge in a at-home massages? Let me know - and if you've tried any other massage products from the Lush range that you think I should check out, be sure to leave your recommendations below! 

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