MAC Lipsticks for Spring

2 May 2015

A picture of MAC lipsticks
Top Row L-R: Costa Chic, Pink Plaid, Vegas Volt, Snob
Bottom Row L-R: Saigon Summer, Chatterbox, Up The Amp
When it comes to spring one of the things I change the most is my lipstick. I think it's safe to say most face and eye products can be worn pretty much all year round, despite the stereotypical shades of each season, but it's much harder to pull off a warm and vampy berry shade in the height of summer, just as it's harder to pull off spring appropriate pinks and peaches in winter.

My go-to brand for spring lipsticks is easily MAC. I own a silly amount of MAC lipsticks, a lot of which are paler, more subtle and more toned-down shades than other brands in my beauty stash. I seem to gravitate towards MAC lipsticks a lot more in spring and summer, too, finding the shades I have completely unrivalled when it comes to gorgeous shades with an intense colour payoff and great lasting power. These are my favourite MAC lipsticks for spring (and they're all permanent shades, too!).

Snob has a satin finish and is a lovely muted pink that sometimes I love when going for a more toned-down look. It's such a lovely shade for spring, with a deliciously creamy texture that glides on effortlessly.

Pink Plaid has a matte finish and is a touch warmer in tone than Snob, but another one that works well with a more neutral makeup look.

Chatterbox has an amplified finish that gives it a lovely sheen that's subtle and flattering, a vibrant pink that's not too loud, with subtle warm undertones that makes it one of my favourite go-to shades for both spring and summer.

Vegas Volt is another amplified finish, a touch brighter than Chatterbox, it's the perfect mix of pink and coral that goes so well with a bronzed look.

Costa Chic has a frost finish that's has a little more sheen to it than the amplified finish, a bright coral with warm undertones that keeps it from being too harsh. I find frost finish lipsticks harder to pull off, but Costa Chic is such an easy shade to work with and I adore this with a light contour, subtle highlight and golden bronzed eyes. 

Saigon Summer has a creme sheen finish which gives it a lovely subtly sheer look, with a very slight fine shimmer. A coral with vibrant orange undertones, it's the perfect shade for those who want to add an orange to their lipstick collection but don't want to go all out with a bright and bold shade like Morange. 

Up The Amp has an amplified finish and is one of the few bolder shades I reach for in spring. It's a lot darker in tone than the other shades I've included, but one of my favourite MAC shades ever! A pale berry with lavender undertones, I personally think this is one of MAC's more daring shades as it's quite an unusual shade to pull off, but I absolutely adore it. For me, it's one of MAC's most beautiful and stand-out shades.

Do you have any favourite MAC lipsticks for spring-time looks? Are there any MAC shades you think I should add to my lipstick collection this spring? 

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