Carnivore Club | May 2015

11 May

A picture of the May 2015 Carnivore Club box
Although I adore monthly beauty boxes, monthly food subscription services have always caught my eye. I'm Cypriot, so I've been brought up to love food a lot. I've tried a couple of monthly food subscription boxes over the past, but Carnivore Club is completely unique to other boxes I have tried.

Carnivore Club originally started out in Canada and the USA, recently expanding to Britain to become the world's very first monthly subscription service of artisan charcuterie. Each month subscribers are sent their Carnivore Club box, with a selection of 4-6 hand-crafted charcuteries from some of the best and highest quality British charcuterie artisans.

British charcuteries were once a rarity, instead cured meat was imported to Britain from all over the world - but that's all changing, with charcuteries becoming more and more popular in Britain, who nurture their own livestock and use unique and forward-thinking ways to cure meat to create a delicious and exquisite offering like no other.

Each Carnivore Club box is created with luxury in mind, partnering up with the best British charcutiers, ensuring that livestock are well-kept and ethically treated, with the ability to trace back all the ingredients, sourced locally. Carnivore Club promotes the best of British charcuterie, showcasing Britain as a force to be rivaled with when it comes to exquisitely cured meats of the highest quality possible. 

A picture of the May 2015 Carnivore Club box

A picture of the May 2015 Carnivore Club box

A picture of the May 2015 Carnivore Club box

A picture of the May 2015 Carnivore Club box

A picture of the May 2015 Carnivore Club box
The May Carnivore Club has been beautifully created in partnership with Great Glen Charcuterie, a Scottish company owned by Anja and Jan Jacobs, who are passionate about celebrating the unique and unrivaled flavour of wild game. With a range that centers around Scottish Venison, Great Glen Charcuterie use a combination of traditional and modern techniques. The May Carnivore Club showcases some of their most vibrant and varied flavours, featuring 5 different charcuterie pieces. Find out more about Great Glen Charcuterie on the official website,

Inside the box, which is incredibly well presented and sturdy, features a leaflet with information on Great Glen Charcuterie as well as information on all the products inside, how to store them and best-buy dates from dates of opening, as well as meat hacks - ideas for how to use the products in meals, as well as ideas on how to enjoy them as snacks. The back of the leaflet is also very interesting, explaining the differences between different types of chorizo. 

The May meat selection includes 5 venison themed meats. Venison and Pork Chorizo; the latest addition to the Great Glen range, which is a mix of Scottish wild venison and the highest quality Scottish pork. Green Peppercorn Venison Salami; a salami which is gently spiced with green peppercorns, which has been awarded 3 Gold Stars and Best Charcuterie product of the UK at the 2013 Great Taste Awards. Chili Venison Chorizo; venison chorizo which has the added kick of chili with customary smoked paprika. Venison Bresaola; made using the 'round' or rear leg cut, it's dry cured, oak smoked and matured for 8 months. Last but not least, Venison Pork Salami; a robust and flavoursome sausage with the pork being used to add a touch of creaminess to the venison. 

My partner and I have been indulging in the Carnivore Club May box over the past few days and it has been an instant hit with us! My favourite so far has been the Venison Bresaola, whilst my partner has loved the Venison and Pork Chorizo. 

To subscribe to Carnivore Club and receive your very own box of highly sourced and crafted charcuterie, head over to! Carnivore Club costs £32 a month for a one-off one-month service, or £29 a month if you opt for the recurring subscription!

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