Williamson Tea Limited Edition Tea Caddies

22 Apr 2015

A picture of Williamson Tea Elephant Caddies
As a self-confessed tea addict I was really excited to be given the opportunity to try Williamson Tea. I've spotted Williamson Tea before, but never tried them myself until recently. Loved all over the world for their tasty teas, they're also really well known for their beautiful tea caddies.
A picture of Williamson Tea Elephant CaddiesA picture of Williamson Tea Tea Time Elephant CaddieWilliamson Tea Butterfly Elephant CaddieA picture of Williamson Tea Tea Time Elephant Caddie

Williamson Tea are a family owned business which has been around for over 140 years. Established in 1869, they have generations of experience in the art of growing, selecting and blending fine teas. What sets Williamson Tea apart from other brands is that they don't just source their tea leafs to create their blends; they farm their teas themselves. All of their teas are lovingly grown on their own farms in Kenya, giving Williamson Tea the control to maintain the highest quality throughout the whole process of planting, growing, picking and blending. Using sustainable farming methods, they ensure that their Kenyan workers are happy, working in the best conditions possible and able to earn a good living. All of their teas are 100% UTZ and Rainforest Alliance Certified, and they also have their very own foundation; The Williamson Foundation. 

The Williamson Foundation was set up by Williamson Tea as a way to support and care for the people who grow their tea and tend to the land. The foundation ensures that all Williamson Tea workers live and work in good conditions, as well as providing homes to thousands of Williamson Tea farmers and their families. The foundation also provides health clinics as well as ensuring the children of Williamson Tea families receive a good education. There are few things I love more than brands who do things to 'give back' to others, and I have the utmost respect for Williamson Tea and everything they do to help and support their farmers. 

Williamson Tea have a hugely expansive range of teas on offer including their Elephant Caddies which come in three varieties; medium, large and limited edition, as well as loose teas, tea bags, flavoured teas, Lifeboat teas (where 7p from each box sold is donated to the RNLI), as well as mini cru which is their premium tea range. 

I was very kindly sent two Elephant Caddies from Williamson Tea to try for myself. Can we just take a moment here to swoon over these tea caddies? They are absolutely beautiful! The range of tea caddies is huge and I love all the different designs they have, some of which are limited edition (I adore the newest Mother & Baby one!). 

The Buttery Elephant Tea Caddie has a gorgeous spring-time design of flowers, butterflies and of course, the trademark Williamson Tea elephant. Inside the Butterfly caddie is my new tea obsession, 40 teabags of Duchess Grey, a tea exclusive to Williamson Tea grown on their Kaimosi Farm at 6,000 feet in the highlands of Kenya, flavoured with aromatic Citrus Oils to create a beautifully fragrant, delicious and calming blend. 

The Tea Time tea caddie is absolutely beautiful, a design which features the Williamson Tea elephant alongside lots of cute little designs which make me think of Alice in Wonderland and tea parties. Inside there's 40 teabags of Traditional Afternoon Tea, a tea which is rich and full in flavour and great for an everyday brew. Both the Butterfly and Tea Time tea caddies are part of the limited edition range, costing £9.50 each. 

You can find out more about Williamson Tea on the official website, www.williamsontea.com, and you can check out the full range of Elephant Caddies here.

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