The miracle base

15 Apr 2015

A picture of Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation SPF35
If you're looking for a base which ticks all your boxes and more, this is the one.

I've tried a Vichy base before, in the form of the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick SPF40, which is by far one of my favourite bases as the way it so effortlessly masks any imperfections whilst leaving my skin looking flawless - and lasting well throughout the day with my oily skin? It's simply one of the best budget bases I've ever tried, an absolute must-have in my makeup collection. At £12.75, it's a bit of a bargain base, too. 

I've wanted to try the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation SPF35 for quite a while, a liquid version of my stick favourite, with shades which correspond to the same shades in the cream stick range. Generally I prefer liquid bases; I just find them easier to apply, more comfortable to wear and overall a formula which I feel most comfortable working with. Being such a big fan of the cream stick, I had high expectations for the fluid version; would it impress me as much, leaving my skin looking as good?

From the very first use I have been smitten. The Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation hasn't just impressed me - it's surpassed my expectations, leaving my skin looking more flawless than the corrective stick and being even easier to apply and work with. The consistency is perfect; more on the thinner side for a liquid foundation, it applies with a sheer-medium coverage that can very easily be built up if necessary, but works so well to mask imperfections, smooth skin and create a veil of concealed, perfect skin that one application is more than enough for me. It works into skin very easily, setting to an extremely natural looking finish with a very soft and flattering finish. 

With high-coverage pigments it works to mask skin imperfections such as skin discolouration and scarring, without being heavy or cakey in formula. It's literally leaves you looking as if you naturally have fresh, clear and radiant skin. It works just as well as the corrective stick with my naturally oily skin; I powder as the finishing step in my makeup routine, and only have to powder once during the day as it works really well to keep oil at bay whilst looking freshly applied from morning to night. It's also pretty budget-friendly at £15.30 for 30ml; a bit more than your average high-street base, but a very reasonable price for the quality and finish. 

Vichy are well loved for their skincare range, a few of their products are must-haves for me, but I really think their base range is one to be rivalled with. For the price, the finish and results they provide are amazing and easily competes with my high-end favourites. If you're looking for a new base - whether you have imperfections to mask or not - then I really recommend checking Vichy out. Having tried two of their bases now, they are officially a top contender in my makeup collection as one of the best brands to go to for a long-lasting flawless finish. Vichy, I'm impressed! 

You can grab both the Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick SPF40 and Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation SPF35 over on Escentual

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