The Sunday Post #30

19 Apr 2015

A picture of a Pandora ring and a Vivienne Westwood Black Orb Watch
Motivation has been the word of the week in the Tattooed Tealady household, and boy do I have some exciting projects up my sleeve!

3 Things that made me happy this week...

1. Going back to my blogging roots y'all: This weekend has been a weekend of organising and planning. There's a lot of changes to come here on Tattooed Tealady, and some behind the scenes changes have already been taking place. One of the biggest changes to the blog was my new theme which I've had for a fair few weeks now, and still absolutely adore. There's a lot of small changes I'm making which will all come into play soon, but as I work 7 days a week they're taking a little longer to implement. I also have some exciting projects and collaborations in the pipeline, after realising how much I missed the way I used to do things on Tattooed Tealady back when I first started writing this blog. All a little cryptic for now, but all will soon be revealed!

2. Home shopping: I'm sorta on a self-imposed spending ban right now. Buying a new desktop PC and laptop in March made a huge dent in my savings, and with Download Festival just 54 days away, I'm currently trying to save up a little more so that I don't have to worry about spending over that weekend. That said, when things in the house need replacing, they need replacing. I love home shopping and freshening things up, and with spring here I decided we needed a few subtle revamps decor wise. Spring cleaning has been well underway, I picked a gorgeous new bedding set which makes me feel so ready for summer, we've a colourful new living room clock to replace the boring plain one which came with the house and I've spruced up the bathroom with new accessories and a new shower curtain/bath mat. Not exciting stuff by any means, but yay! Anyone else find themselves getting easily happy by buying home stuffs?

3. Naughty middle of the night book ordering: OK so I know I just said I'm saving again but I am a self confessed bookworm with an addiction to midnight of the night book buying. I just can't help it! If I'm bored at night and not quite ready for sleep, I find myself on Amazon browsing the books section. My latest book order arrived yesterday, and both books are themed around positivity/happiness/self-love etc etc etc, which I'll be sharing in an upcoming post. Anyone else guilty of middle of the night shopping? The best kind of middle of the night shopping is when you forget you even made an order, until it arrives!

Currently reading...
I've been so slow on the reading front this week. I find myself hugely motivated by my Goodreads account and being able to track my progress of each book I'm reading on there. For those who don't know about or use Goodreads, it basically allows you to keep track of the page you're on and lets you know how many pages and what percentage of the book you have left. I'm currently reading The Enchantment Emporium on my Kindle, which isn't showing me page information - which in turn means I can't update my progress on my Goodreads account. I'm going to try and get back into it this week as we're already over half-way through March and I still have another book to read after The Enchantment Emporium to meet this month's target of reading 4 books! What are you currently reading?

Something that inspired me this week...
Discussion. Discussion can be a seriously good thing, especially with the current theme of political debates and parties trying to sway you to vote for them in the upcoming elections. I remember when I was younger adults never used to talk about who they were voting for, it was as if everything was shrouded in secrecy. Up until a year or so ago, if I even asked my dad would he had previously voted for I'd get a stern look and 'that's my business' line. Seeing conversations, proper discussions and even amicable (and sometimes less amicable) debates cropping up more and more on a daily basis in the run up to the elections is amazing. I genuinely think it's incredible that people are talking openly about the policies each party are putting forward, about the positives and negatives, about how the elections will affect the UK and everyone in it. It's important to discuss things like this openly, and I find it inspiring that so many people are being honest and open with their views and taking away the taboo of discussing who you may or may not vote for. 

Add this blog to your reading list...
I don't read a lotta lotta lifestyle blogs, but one of my favourites to catch up with is easily hannah bee. Written by a lovely blogger friend of mine who made the jump to move down under, hannah bee is a gorgeous mix of lifestyle posts that share adventures, days out and amazingly looking food. If you love a bit of escapism when it comes to blogs, I cannot recommend hannah bee enough!

Here's to another productive week ahead!