The Sunday Post #29

12 Apr 2015

Another week has been and gone far quicker than I'd like, but it was another week that's left me smiling.

Life lately...

For those of you who read my The Sunday Posts each week, you'll know that March was a pretty rough month for me. There was just so much going on and my stress levels shot through the roof, which had a pretty negative effect on my anxiety. Over the past couple of weeks I've managed to gain control again, feeling much happier in myself and my life - although I hate when my anxiety goes on overload, the post-overload time always makes me appreciate everything I have in life so much more. Each day over the past couple of weeks I've been making extra time for 'me'. Whether that be making myself have a pampering bath even if it's so late I should already be in bed, spending time baking and delving into my craft books for a touch of creative escapism, or simply knowing when to tell myself 'enough is enough', shutting off all technology and spending some time doing nothing. It's been lovely, and with the sun shining brighter each day and spring well underway, my mood and mind have been in such better places.

If any of my readers also have anxiety - and I know from previous posts and Twitter chats that there are quite a few of you - and you're reading this post right now, then I really recommend checking out this Buzzfeed article. It features 14 apps which have been specifically created to help with anxiety - I'm downloading a few myself, so if I find them useful I'll update you all in an upcoming The Sunday Post. If you decide to check any of them out for yourself, give me a tweet @TattooedTealady and let me know if you found them helpful! 

3 Things that made me happy this week...
1. Tea and catch ups: It's becoming a weekly feature in my The Sunday Posts, but catching up with friends really does cheer me up no end. This week I caught up with one of my friends who I haven't seen for a while, drinking tea, eating chocolate and catching up on the latest Catfish episodes. Is anyone else completely addicted to Catfish?!

2. Summer planning: Last summer I really wanted to get a BBQ for our house, but in the end we just never got around to it. This summer I am determined to buy a BBQ so I can spend summer evenings making Greek kebabs and huge Greek salads. Already way too excited about this and looking into which BBQ would be best for us/our garden. 

3. Williamson Tea Duchess Grey: I blooming love tea, and recently I've found myself getting into quite the nighttime habit of drinking a cup of Williamson Tea Duchess Grey. I'm a big fan of Earl Grey and I'm quite partial to Lady Grey, too, but Duchess Grey is new to me. I'll be sharing my thoughts on Williamson Tea in an upcoming post, but I had to mention it in this week's The Sunday Post because quite frankly, I'm besotted. It's a really lovely fragrant black tea that leaves me feeling relaxed and serene after every cup. Delicious! You can check out Duchess Grey for yourself here.

Currently reading...
Last night I stayed up much later than planned, determined to finish reading Zodiac, so I'm technically not currently reading anything - but I plan on starting The Enchantment Emporium by Tanya Huff this evening. You can find out more about both Zodiac and The Enchantment Emporium in my post from earlier this week, Reading in April

This week I was inspired by...
This post over on From Roses. It is so, so easy to get stuck in a negative space when it comes to cyberspace, and this post was a fab reminder that you are in control of your online experience.

Add this blog to your reading list...
I'm sure this blog will be a regular read for many of you already, but I have really been adoring Hello Gemma over the past few weeks that I had to give it a little mention today! Hello Gemma (formerly Gemsmaquillage) is one of my go-to reads when I want a mix of everything; beauty, lifestyle, recipes, health, fashion and more all rolled into one beautifully designed and laid out site. A favourite read of mine for years now, even before I started my own blog, and a blog I always enjoy catching up with.

How has this week treated you? Do you have anything exciting planned for the week ahead?