The Sunday Post #28

5 Apr 2015

The first week of April has been very kind to me, and as I sit on my bed binging on chocolate, tea and Pretty Little Liars writing today's 'The Sunday Post', I feel incredibly content. 

With March being such a stressful month for me, it's been so nice to start a fresh month and have everything 'back to normal'. My anxiety overload from March has calmed right down, the sun has been shining almost everyday with spring bringing a smile to my face, and life just feels 'right' again.

3 Things that made me happy this week...
1. Catching up with the girls: Last night I headed back to my little village for a catch up with the girls; two of my closest and dearest friends who I've grown up with. My partner and I moved into our place February 2014, and I still miss my little picturesque village in the Countryside. It was so nice to catch up with the girls, eating dinner at my favourite Indian restaurant before heading over to the village pub for drinks like old times. 

2. Chocolate: Easter is brilliant. It's the perfect excuse to eat as much chocolate as you want, without feeling guilty. I have been overloading on chocolate this week! Here's 41 fun chocolate facts for you, if you're starting to get the chocolate-guilt this Easter in this fun Buzzfeed article.

3. Spring scents: I always like to change up my fragrances with the seasons, finding warm, deep and musky scents lovely for autumn and winter, with fruity and floral uplifting scents perfect for spring and summer. Over the past week I've started to switch over my fragrances from A/W to S/S and I have loved wearing lighter, more cheerful scents. I'm currently besotted with Thierry Mugler Angel - expect a full review next week!

As a cheeky extra something that made me happy this week, it's this blog. On Friday Tattooed Tealady turned 3! I can't believe I've been writing this blog for 3 years already! You can read my post all about my 3rd blogiversary, including an International celebration giveaway here.

Currently reading...
I'm already on my 2nd book of this month and this week I'm getting stuck into 'Zodiac' by Robert Graysmith. It's been quite a while since I delved into any true crime books and I am really enjoying Zodiac so far - especially as he's not a serial killer I have researched much in the past, so whereas other true crime books I've read have been on serial killers or mass murders I already had a big interest in, this one is fairly new to me. Do you enjoy reading true crime or do you find it a bit too detailed? 

Add this blog to your reading list...
I've really been loving Zoe Newlove lately! There's a lovely mix of beauty and lifestyle posts with super pretty photography, and I'm particularly loving a new project Zoe has launched (which you could take part in too!), called '#ArtyProject'! 

How is April treating you so far? Have you been indulging in chocolate for Easter? However you're spending your Bank Holiday weekend, I hope it's full of fun, smiles and laughter.