Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

2 Apr 2015

A picture of Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

I am a big fan of baked blushes, but up until recently they were a product the UK beauty scene seriously lacked. A couple of high-end brands have some baked blushes on offer, but finding the perfect budget-friendly high-street baked blush was impossible. Max Factor have answered my baked blush prayers with the release of their new line, Creme Puff Blush, finally a high-street baked blush to fall in love with!

A picture of Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 30 Gorgeous Berries, 10 Nude Mauve, 25 Alluring Rose
L-R: 30 Gorgeous Berries, 10 Nude Mauve, 25 Alluring Rose
Baked products differ from standard pressed powders by being versatile and created with formulas that can be mixed using liquids, which results in a much softer almost velvet smooth feel to the powder. Lightweight on the skin, the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush range uses very finely milled and multi-tonal pigments which create shades that work to both compliment and enhance a look, working with a variety of skin tones. Baked formulas are much easier to blend to your desired intensity and finish than standard pressed powders, and that really translates well with this range which is incredibly easy to apply and wear. 

The range has been specifically developed to not only work as a blush range, with shades that would work well with a variety of skin tones and perfect for any season, but shades which can also be used to create a glamorous and professional looking colour contour. There's a great mix of shades which as blushes would work really well all year round, and a couple of shades which can easily double up as a light contour and even a illuminating touch of highlight. 

I love the packaging for this range. Little round pots with flip lids that are clear with a golden rim, allowing you to see the very beautifully designed product inside. Unfortunately there isn't any weight information on the packaging, but they're very decently sized and I suspect would take a long, long time to get anywhere near pan. Another factor I love with baked products - a little goes a long way, baked products always seem to last longer than my standard powder products.

There's six shades in the range, which have been created with specific skin tones in mind - but I have used and loved each and every shade within the range and found each works really well with my Meditterean complexion, even the paler shades within the range. The powder is velvety soft to the touch, they almost feel bouncy but are very firm and solid in the pan, with not a single touch of fall-out. There's a very subtle and fine shimmer to each, more noticeable in the palest shade than the others, but so fine that it's very subtle and flattering on the skin.

05 Lovely Pink has been created with fair skin in mind, a very subtle pale pink that reminds me a lot of the high-end Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion. 10 Nude Mauve, 15 Seductive Pink and 20 Lavish Mauve have been created with fair to medium skin in mind. Nude Mauve is my most used shade from the range and the most perfect everyday blush shade that works with absolutely any look you go for. Seductive Pink is a very pretty mid-toned rosy pink that makes a very lovely spring blush, and Lavish Mauve is a mid-toned berry that's subtle and a great alternative to many bolder, deeper berry shades on the beauty scene. 25 Alluring Rose has been created with medium to dark skin in mind and is a golden nude which I can already see me being incredibly addicted to in summer, whilst 30 Gorgeous Berries has been created with dark skin in mind; a gorgeous pop of warm berry that is striking yet flattering at the same time.

The longevity for this range is amazing; once applied with my makeup in the morning, the shade remains all day without having to reapply, leaving my cheeks looking freshly applied from morning to night. The baked formula creates a subtle but super lovely luminous look, working lovely to keep makeup looking fresh and more youthful. Can you tell I'm smitten?

I honestly can't recommend this range enough. Max Factor is one of my absolute favourite high-street brands and this range has really pushed them to the top of my favourite brands ever list. I've tried a fair few baked products in my time, but the Creme Puff Blush range has massively impressed me - even over high-end baked products! 

Will you be giving the new Max Factor Creme Puff Blush range a try? 

The Max Factor Creme Puff Blush Range is available at, RRP £8.99.

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