Habitat Karena Stacking Storage Box

14 Apr 2015

A picture of Habitat Karena Stacking Storage Box
I'm always on the lookout for more ways to store my never-ending makeup collection.

Back in March Birchbox did a collaboration box with Habitat, and one of the reasons behind this collaboration was to celebrate a whole new range of sophisticated and chic storage solutions Habitat have launched, which can be used to store absolutely anything - including makeup! I was very kindly sent one of these beautifully designed new storage systems from Birchbox for the collaboration, and now that I have it all set up and how I like it, I thought it was time to share it here on the blog!
A picture of Habitat Karena Stacking Storage Box
A picture of Habitat Karena Stacking Storage Box

A picture of Habitat Karena Stacking Storage Box
I know that I have a silly amount of makeup. I've shared my makeup collection in a few posts over the past year or so, and whenever I see the pictures laid out in blog posts it baffles me how it ever got so big. Does that stop me buying more makeup? Hell no! I love buying makeup, trying new products and brands, always on the hunt for that one perfect product. This also means that my makeup storage often gets very full, and some juggling, rearranging and donating unloved products to friends and family has to come into play. I've been considering buying another stack of Muji acrylic storage for quite a while now - but the Habitat Karena Stacking Storage Box has saved the day, and worked out perfectly for freeing up some space in my dressing table and Muji storage.

I'll admit, at first I wasn't sure exactly how I would make the Karena Stacking Storage Box work as makeup storage. It's designed as four square stacking boxes with a single lid for the top section. As you place each stacking box on top of another, it becomes a lid for the box below. This means it isn't the easiest storage solution for accessing products quickly; unlike my Muji acrylic storage drawers where each drawer pulls out. 

My dressing table drawer was getting quite full, and a couple of my Muji drawers were taken up by back-up products and products which were way too big to fit in my dressing table with the way I have everything laid out, and so I finally decided how to put this storage to good use! One section houses my larger bronzes and a few bronzes I use less regularly, another houses all the correctors, concealers and primers I'm not currently using, another has my back-up products; mainly mascaras, whilst the final one has a few setting powders that I don't turn to as regularly as I used to. 

Having all of these products neatly stored away but still within reach makes the rest of my makeup storage so much easier to manage and navigate. It's also pushing me to finish products up instead of using several at the same time; for example, having the majority of my concealers, correctors and primers in the Karena stacking boxes means I'm using the same concealer, corrector and primer each day from my dressing table, in the hopes of finishing them up before moving on to another.

Overall I really like the Habitat Karena Stacking Storage Box. It's colourful and stand-out to other storage I have, it's freed up space in my dressing table and Muji drawers and is helping me finish up products rather than switching between them each day. It's not the most easy to access makeup storage I've ever had, but it can be used for so much more than makeup too; jewellery, desk accessories, little nick-naks and more, the possibilities are endless!

What do you think to the Habitat Karena Stacking Storage Box? Is it something you'd invest in yourself? You can pick these up in-store and online at www.habitat.co.uk, RRP £35. 

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