The camouflaging magic of Benefit Erase Paste

30 Apr 2015

A picture of Benefit Erase Paste
Benefit Erase Paste is a product I've mentioned very briefly in a mini review a good couple of years ago now, but I decided it was about time I gave this purple pot of brightening camouflage center stage on Tattooed Tealady, because it's a product I use most days.

A picture of Benefit Erase Paste

So what exactly is Erase Paste? Described as a concentrated and creamy concealer, it's been designed to both brighten and camouflage in one simple step. Working really well to overall brighten the under-eye area, it targets dark circles whilst managing to disguise discolouration and imperfections. There's three shades available in the range, all formulated with brightening melon undertones to (hopefully) suit any complexion; that said the shades are all fairly pale which wouldn't work well for darker skinned beauties. 

Like all Benefit products, the packaging is pretty damn good and I love how much it stands out in my concealer/corrector stash. It also came with a very handy little guide with a step-by-step guide for how to use it, along with a mini-spatula, if you want to be super clean about getting the product out. I'm on my second pot now, but boy does it last forever. 4.4g of camouflaging goodness! 

Personally I find Erase Paste easiest to apply in two steps. I'll use a concealer brush to get the desired amount of product and dot it under my eyes, before using my fingers to blend it in. Compared to other concealers and correctors I have tried over the years Erase Paste easily has the weirdest texture and consistency. A heavy duty concealer, it's almost like a mix of a cream and gel in one. It's can appear very thick in the pot, but once blended in it leaves an ultra-smooth finish that feels light-weight. This is definitely one where less is more; too much can leave skin feeling sticky and gloopy, making it difficult to apply makeup on top. Apply in small amounts and blend well, you're onto a winner - you can always add more if need-be, whereas it's much more hassle to take off and start all over again.

I do like to follow up with a brightening concealer after, just because I always wear a lighter shade of concealer under my eyes to act as a highlighting factor in my base, but I can easily wear Erase Paste on it's own and be confident that it'll do the job throughout the day. It's not the easiest concealer to get to grips with, but once you get the hang of application and get the amount of product right, it's well worth the investment! 

Have you tried Benefit Erase Paste? 

Available at, RRP £20.50.

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