A lipstick revolution

22 Mar 2015

A picture of Urban Decay Revolution and Sheer Revolution Lipsticks
I love lipsticks. Honestly, there's few things that make me feel as confident as applying lipstick and completing a look with a flash of colour. Whether that's a subtle nude or pink to flatter a bold eye, or something brighter and bolder to please the extrovert in me.

A picture of Urban Decay Revolution and Sheer Revolution LipsticksL-R Sheer Obsession, Fiend, Sheer Slowburn, Venom, Sheer Rapture, Shame, Sheer Walk of Shame

Over the past year Urban Decay, a brand I originally only dabbled in for my adoration over their perfect eyeshadow formulas, has become one of my absolute favourite brands for lipsticks. As someone who is completely drawn in by packaging, Urban Decay had me lusting as soon as the Revolution Lipstick range was released, and with the new Sheer Revolution Lipstick range well under way, it's safe to say I am even more addicted to Urban Decay than ever before!

The original Revolution line is one of my favourites formula wise for lipsticks, the biggest selling point for me when it comes to the range. Soft, creamy, super easy to apply with a light-weight feel and always feeling comfortable, never drying or tight after a few hours wear. Pigmentation wise we're talking incredible colour pay-off with a really lovely opaque finish in just one application, and a lovely shine to finish. Completely non-sticky, they almost feel moisturising when on and have pretty good longevity too. Fiend is one of my favourite nudes and probably one of my most-used lipsticks, whilst Venom is very similar to MAC Rebel if not a touch softer and easier to wear, with Shame being a deep blackberry purple that's just delicious in winter but a super bold shade to go for in summer, too. 

The Sheer Revolution line is very new, part of the new spring collection (check out my review here) and a permanent addition to the Urban Decay range. At first use I was absolutely smitten with this new lipstick range from Urban Decay; consisting of 10 shades akin to the original Revolution line, but with a sheer formula and finish. The formula is much like the original line, if a touch softer and almost balm like in texture. Applying just as easily, they feel just as comfortable and light-weight, providing a sheer wash of colour that is incredibly flattering but can also be built up if you don't want something subtle. Like the original line they have a slight shine to them finish wise, and although the formula is sheer, they last pretty darn well throughout the day. Sheer Obsessed is a spring perfect pretty pink, Sheer Slowburn is a flattering true red, Sheer Rapture is a warm toned berry and Sheer Walk of Shame is a very subtle nude, that I find is beautiful above a nude lip liner.

Urban Decay lipsticks cost £15.50 each, so they're not the cheapest available, but for me? Well worth the investment. This is one revolution I'm more than happy to get involved with, with gorgeous shades, incredible formulas and unique packaging, what's not to love?

Available at www.urbandecay.co.uk.