Top 10 MAC Lipsticks

7 Mar 2015

A picture of the top 10 MAC lipsticks
It's no secret I am a big fan of MAC lipsticks. Although there's a lot of both high-street and high-end lipsticks in my beauty stash which I adore, MAC still always comes out on top as my favourite. 

From the sleek traditional black bullet, to the immense array of shades and finishes and that oh so satisfying click when you open and close a MAC lipstick, I am smitten. I've shared my thoughts before on whether I think MAC lipsticks are worth the splurge and all the hype they get in my 'MAC Lipsticks, Worth the Hype?' post - so I thought it was about time I shared my top 10 MAC lipsticks, too.

A picture of MAC lipsticks in shades Honey Love, Velvet Teddy, Mehr, Pink Plaid and Chatterbox
Honey Love, Velvet Teddy, Mehr, Pink Plaid, Chatterbox
Honey Love is a lovely soft nude with a creamy matte finish. On many complexions this would probably be the perfect nude, but on me it's one I reach for when I want a lighter, slightly more stand-out nude, as my lips are naturally very dark. 

Alongside Velvet Teddy, another lovely matte nude but with warmer undertones that give it a caramel undertone, they are my most-worn nude lipsticks. A nude lip goes with everything and nude lips are something I think MAC do very well.

Mehr is one of my favourite MAC lipstick finds, and also a matte finish. On me, because of my naturally darker lips, it looks like a very deep nude with a touch of berry warmth, but on paler beauties I'd suspect this one is definitely more of a berry. There's just something about Mehr that works, no matter what look you're going for!

Another matte finish (have you spotted a trend yet?), Pink Plaid is one of the easiest to wear pinks in my lipstick stash. A muted pink with warm undertones, it's perfect for anyone who wants a pink lip, but wants to avoid the bright, vibrant shades most brands have to cater for pinks. 

Chatterbox has an amplified finish and was the first of the amplified finishes I tried, another favourite MAC finish of mine. A pink that's just the right side of vibrant whilst still being muted with flattering blue undertones, it's a favourite for spring and summer.

A picture of MAC lipsticks in shades Vegas Volt, Morange, Lady Danger, Violetta and Rebel
Vegas Volt, Morange, Lady Danger, Violetta, Rebel
Vegas Volt is another spring perfect shade with a lovely amplified finish. A splash of coral with peachy undertones, like Pink Plaid it's a perfect alternative for those who lust after corals, but want something more subtle and flattering than bolder options out there. 

Morange is one of the brightest shades I own, a really vibrant orange with an amplified finish. It's a bold shade, but it looks glorious come summer when I've caught a little sun and my skin has a lovely glow. 

Lady Danger was my first ever MAC purchase, the lipstick that started the obsession I still have today. With a matte finish, Lady Danger is an incredibly bright and vibrant red - think London phone box red - with the slightest orange undertones. It's a bold one, but much more flattering when on than it looks.

Violetta is by far my favourite purple lipstick, ever. Once a pro-only shade, I'm pretty sure this is now part of the standard lipstick range and much easier to get hold of. With it's Amplified finish and very subtle hint of super fine silver shimmer (I mean really fine - no glitter overload!), it's a real stand out shade in my collection. A gorgeous violet purple that's bold and understated at the same time, love 

Rebel is the perfect winter shade and one of my most used winter lipsticks at that, With a Satin finish, Rebel is the colour of delicious crushed blackberries.

MAC lipsticks are more on the pricey side (and a price that keeps rising, too!), costing £15.50. For me, the quality, the absolutely huge range of shades and the lovely variety of finishes, perfect packaging, incredible colour pay-off and fantastic longevity (not forgetting they smell yummy) makes MAC lipsticks worth the splurge. You can buy MAC lipsticks online at