The Sunday Post #27

29 Mar 2015

A picture of Disney artwork, makeup and banana bread
The final weekend of March is here, and with April - and Easter - just around the corner, I have to admit I'm glad to be saying goodbye to March!

For me March was a month full of ups and downs, and it's only now as we reach the end of the month that I'm finally starting to feel relaxed again. After starting 2015 in good spirits and trying to be a good responsible adult by saving, my entire savings have been blown on replacing both a PC and a laptop. Although I'm happy to have a new fully-working PC, and a new snazzy laptop to replace my very old 6 year old one which has seen better days, it's scary how quickly money can be spent when you've spent so long earning it!

Three things that made me happy this week...
1. Taking some time off: Do you ever feel like you're running on empty, your energy levels are all but a distant memory and you could literally sleep forever? That's how I've felt recently, and so over the past few days I gave myself some much needed time off. This meant a lack of blog posts over the past few days (sorry!), but it was time to myself that I really needed to recharge and sort my head out a little! I feel so much better for it. If you're a blogger too - do you ever give yourself some time off? 

2. Time spent with loved ones: This Saturday was spent with my partner's family, eating, indulging and watching kids movies whilst building puzzles. As I said in last week's The Sunday Post (see here), my partner and I are very much home birds, so it was really lovely to get out for the day, plus I got to stuff myself with home made Victoria sponge which was deeeelish! Is there any better way to spend your Saturday than eating cake? 

3. Baking: Talking of home baking, I decided to do some myself this weekend. For weeks and weeks I have been saying I will give banana bread a try, something I've not only never baked before, but something I have barely eaten before. I don't know why I was so determined to make some myself, as it's not exactly something I would say I 'love' to eat - but I wanted to and so I finally did! I followed a simple recipe from the BBC food website and it turned out pretty darn delicious. I'm planning to make another batch in a week or so and add some more bits to it, like banana chips and nuts on top; is this something you'd like to see a recipe post on? Let me know! 

Currently reading...
Having finally finished the Divergent trilogy, a series which is pretty intense at times, I wanted to ease myself into something a little more light-hearted. I'm getting stuck into The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, the first book in a trilogy, but not a trilogy I plan on rushing through like the Divergent one which I simply couldn't put down. Have you read The Rosie Project or any of the other books in this trilogy? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them, I'm hoping it's a good read!

This week I was inspired by...
This article - 22 Things to Start Doing Now That Will Improve the Rest of Your Life -, which personally I found incredibly inspiring. Sometimes you take life for granted, you forget how lucky we are to even be alive - or spend so much time complaining about the wrongs in our life that you don't put in the work to get more good out of life. This article pushed me to re-evaluate a few priorities and inspired me to make lots of small yet incredibly positive changes!

Add this blog to your reading list...
Let's Talk Beauty is written by the lovely Vicki, and has such a lovely variety of beauty and lifestyle posts with a dash of brilliant and cheerful photography. Let's Talk Beauty has been a favourite read of mine for several years now, make sure to add her to your reading list!

How has your week been? Are you as excited for a new month to begin as I am? Do you have anything special planned in April? For me April will see my nephew turn 4 - where has the time gone - and a ridiculous amount of chocolate binging for Easter of course!