The Sunday Post #26

22 Mar 2015

It has been one roller-coaster ride of a week!

Life lately...
Sometimes, the ups and downs that come with life leave me emotionally and mentally exhausted, and this week has been one of those weeks where every bit of me has been tested. This time last week I had PC problems that were so ridiculous, I'm still feeling the side-effects of the stress it caused today, a whole week later. When you work from home and rely on a PC to work, as well of course as needing a PC to blog, the worst thing that can happen is for your PC to break on you. Mine did, massively. I spent all of last Sunday in two different Curry's stores, having my PC looked at and fixed at one, picking up a backup from another. I am not the best under stressful situations and feeling helpless whilst my poor PC was dying on me left me a bag of jittery nerves! It's made this week feel incredibly long, and I have to admit, I'm looking forward to a new week beginning tomorrow and April being closer; March has not been the best! But enough of negativity, what else has happened this week?

Three things that made me happy this week...
1. Placebo: So on Monday night I headed over to Leicester to see Placebo with my partner and a couple of friends of ours. It was actually pretty surreal being at the DeMonfort Hall to see Placebo play, as the last time I was there was back when I was in College to see Derren Brown (ahhhhh-mazing, Derren Brown live is incredible, if you can catch him on an upcoming tour - do it!), and as our tickets for Placebo were standing, it was weird being stood where hundreds of chairs should have been. We didn't get to catch any of the support acts because we were catching up with our friends that we hadn't seen for a while in the bar, but just before Placebo were due on stage we headed in and I finally started to get excited. The computer stress the day before had left me very on edge, so it wasn't until the lights went down and their intro started that I stopped and let myself get lost in the moment - or two hours of moments, to be exact! Placebo were amazing, the sound was spot on, Brian Molko sounded as beautiful and exquisite as always and although I didn't know any of the newer songs from the latest album, every classic from the past 25 years left me singing, dancing and jumping around like a silly bugger. I had so much fun, and it's made me even more excited for Download Festival this summer. 82 days to go!!!!

2. Divergent, specifically Theo James, cos ya know, hubba: So, I am well and truly addicted to the Divergent series. I've finished Divergent, just a few pages left of Insurgent and will be starting Allegiant ASAP (today, to be exact!). It's been a long time since I became this hooked on a series and I am completely smitten with the books. Obviously from the books like most hot blooded females, I got a bit of a thing for Four/Tobias. After saying I wouldn't watch the films I actually ended up picking up Divergent on DVD and boy oh boy, Theo James does not help calm my love for Four! Anyone else find him absolutely irresistible? I've been like a love-sick 13 year old since I saw him bring Four to life in the Divergent movie. Hubba hubba.

3. Movie night's: My partner and I are definitely home-birds. We much prefer to stay in and have chilled nights in rather than going out, and so that usually means we watch a lot of TV - the Netflix and NowTV addictions are strong. We've just finished getting back up to speed with all previous seasons of Game of Thrones, ready for the new season coming out in April, so we needed something to keep us entertained in the evenings. As well as watching Divergent, we finally caught up with the latest The Hunger Games film - Mockingjay Part 1. I've read all the books and it's another series I adore, but we didn't manage to catch it in the cinema. We settled down to watch it this weekend with copious amounts of tea and huge bars of Cadbury fruit and nut, and I have to say - I'm pretty darn happy with how it's translated from the book! I also think they cut it in a good place ready for Part 2. Are you a fan of The Hunger Games?

Currently reading...
Insurgent by Veronica Roth, Paperback £3.85, £2.71
I've literally got a couple of chapters left of this one, and more than ready to get stuck into the third and final book from the series, Allegiant. I started Insurgent as soon as I finished Divergent, and I've found myself enjoying it just as much as I did Divergent. I'm hoping Allegiant isn't a let down - I've heard mixed reviews of the final book, so I'm really hoping it lives up to my expectations after the first two.

This week I was inspired by...
This article on Elite Daily. Sometimes it is so easy to get stuck with the idea that if one thing goes wrong, everything will, and if we blame ourselves for that one thing going wrong, we'll continue to blame ourselves for everything else that goes wrong, too. How many times has something gone wrong in your life and you've let it affect your future? I do it all the time, and it's something I really need to stop. Like the article says, we're all human beings and although our conscience can often leave us feeling terrible for things we've done, or wished we hadn't done, if it wasn't for that conscience we wouldn't be human. From now on I'm going to try harder to accept everything in life - both good and bad - and learn from every last thing, rather than dwelling on it. You can never move forward whilst living in the past, and there's so much I want to move forward towards that carrying that extra baggage just isn't a feasible idea.

Add this blog to your reading list...
Bed in the Kitchen has been a favourite read of mine for quite a while now and I really can't recommend checking this blog out enough! I love the way Jaye writes, alongside her beautiful photography, with a perfect mix of beauty reviews, fashion and lifestyle posts.

I hope this week has been kinder to you than it has to me! What have you been up to lately? Have you read any books recently that have left you as addicted as I am with the Divergent series? Here's to a better and hopefully less stressful week ahead!