Reading in March

3 Mar 2015

A picture of books by John Green, Carola Dunn, Jill Mansell and Veronica Ruth
Another month means another reading target. In February I set myself the target of reading three books and by the end of the month after catching the reading bug I managed to finish seven. It's tempting to set myself a big target for this month after devouring so many books last month, but I'm going to stick to achievable targets and so for March I'm giving myself four books I want to get through. These are the books I'll be reading this month!

An Abundance of Katherines

by John Green, Paperback £5.59, Kindle £4.96
Like many, I first got into John Green with 'The Fault in Our Stars', and I do enjoy his writing - but I don't find his books as life-changing as many others do. After reading TFIOS I decided to order the rest of his books and most of them I got through pretty quickly, whereas An Abundance of Katherines didn't massively appeal to me and so it has sat on my bookcase for well over a year. I decided it was time to give it a read, after all that's what I bought it for, and I actually started this one towards the end of February. Following Colin Singleton and his friend Hassan on a road trip which leads them to Gutshot, Colin is trying to work out why all his ex girlfriends are called Katherine, and why all of them keeping dumping him. On a mission to establish and prove 'The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability', Colin is going to try and predict the future of any relationship based on Dumper and Dumpees. At first I was really struggling to get into this one, but now I'm nearing the end I'm finding myself quite invested in Colin, Hassan and Lindsay, a friend he makes in Gutshot.
My favourite book by John Green is 'The Fault in Our Stars', Paperback £3.85, Kindle £2.49

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love
by Jill Mansell, Paperback £3.85, Kindle £3.66
I love chick-lit and I have quite a few authors I turn to regularly, but for around 10 years now Jill Mansell has not only been my favourite chick-lit author - but one of my favourite authors overall. The Unpredictable Consequences of Love is set in the idyllic seaside town of St Carys, a seaside town which is keeping secrets. With Sophie trying to put her past behind her, Josh's confusions over why Sophie has no interest whatsoever in men, Tula who has a crush on Josh but doesn't realise it's unrequited and Riley who wishes Tula's affections were towards him, it's set to be another Jill Mansell read I can't put down!
My favourite book by Jill Mansell is 'An Offer You Can't Refuse', Paperback £7.19, Kindle £3.99

Murder on the Flying Scotsman (Daisy Dalrymple)
by Carola Dunn, Paperback £8.99, Kindle £5.99
The fourth book in the Daisy Dalrymple murder mystery series, you can pretty much expect a Carola Dunn book in my reading list every single month. I own the full series now and I'm slowly making my way through them, and I'm actually itching to get stuck into Murder on the Flying Scotsman. This one follows Daisy on her way to Edinburgh, where surprise surprise, she manages to get herself caught up in another mysterious murder and a carriage full of suspects who have everything to gain from the victims death.

by Veronica Ruth, Paperback £3.50, Kindle £3.32
This is another one that I bought well over a year ago, but then just left to sat on my bookcase unloved! I know the film is already out, but I'm not too fussed about the film and would prefer to get stuck into the book series. The first in the Divergent series and Veronica Ruth's debut novel, the back doesn't give a lot away but I'm sure I'll soon find out when I start reading it...

What's on your March reading list? Don't forget to check out my reviews of the seven books I finished back in February in my 'Finished Reading | February 2015' post, and you can follow my reading progress by adding me as a friend on Goodreads!

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