Daniel Sandler Sculpt & Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder

13 March

A picture of Daniel Sandler Sculpt & Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder
A couple of weeks back I shared a wishlist of contouring, bronze and highlight products (see hereI had my eye on. I've been trying to find the perfect products for achieving a flawless contour and highlight for so long now, and over the months I've built up quite a list of products from rave reviews and recommendations that I wanted to try out for myself. Little did I know that the most perfect product for achieving a professional and natural looking contour and highlight would come from a brand I've barely dabbled in before. Introducing, the Daniel Sandler Sculpt & Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder

A picture of Daniel Sandler Sculpt & Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder
A picture of Daniel Sandler Sculpt & Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder

A picture of Daniel Sandler Sculpt & Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder
The Daniel Sandler Sculpt & Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder*, £24.50, is presented in a sleek demi-matte compact with black and gold design, featuring a highlight and contour shade in one pan with a simple and chic DS embossed into the product with a full size compact mirror. Usually I'm not one for products which are presented in this way; I worry about the products blending together and becoming unusable, but it's a pretty big product so very easy to use each shade separately without mixing the two together. 

The highlight shade is incredible. Unlike any other highlighters I have in my beauty stash, this isn't a shimmery or glitter highlight which I would usually use, in fact it's so subtle and natural looking in tone that I would refer to it more as an illuminator. A very, very pale champagne with the most subtle fine frosted finish, at first I was worried it would be far too pale against my Mediterranean skin tone. In fact, it's the opposite - it's worked out to be the most perfect illuminating shade I could ever wish for. It adds just the right amount of light to leave my skin looking dewy and glowing, all whilst being so subtle it looks completely natural. It's beautiful and perfect for adding just the right amount of highlight to my upper cheekbones, and I've even used it for my brow bone and down the centre of my nose where it leaves a flattering touch of light. Heavenly.

Like the highlight shade, I was worried the contour shade would be too pale against my complexion and like the highlight shade, it's turned out to be spot-on. Cool in tone, it almost reminds me of NARS Laguna minus the slight shimmer Laguna has, and more subtle and natural looking once blended in. It is an amazing shade for contouring, whether it be cheeks, nose or even jawline, blending in for a really natural looking finish.

Creating a sculpted contour and highlight with this face powder is effortless. It is easily the most easy-to-use product of it's type I've ever tried, whilst giving me the look I want in the most natural way. The powder itself for both shades is velvety soft, no fall-out whatsoever and both apply and blend like a dream. 

Honestly, I think I'm in love. Of course I was excited to try this, but I never expected it to be so incredible and utterly beautiful. The way it so flawlessly contours and highlights whilst still managing to look completely natural, effortless and super flattering, I've never come across a contour or highlight that could do the same. It's amazing, truly and utterly amazing

*PR samples - Disclaimer

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