The Brush Holders

22 Feb 2015

A picture of makeup brushes, candles and beauty books
I've no shame in admitting that I have a serious addiction to makeup brushes. I've lost count of the amount I own, constantly adding to my collection even though I don't need any more, I just find them hard to resist - after all, without the right tools, not even the most expensive makeup will look good. When you have as many brushes as I do, storing them can be quite the challenge.

I've tried a few different methods of storing my makeup brushes over the years. When I had just a few, they had their very own makeup bag where I'd keep them stored away until they were needed. As my collection started to grow I started to use pen pots, before moving onto a bigger pen storage which had three sections, convenient for keeping different brushes for different tasks separate. As time has gone on though, having bulky storage, which realistically was never designed for holding makeup brushes, became a bit of a faff. I wanted something simpler, and overall something that looked nicer, prettier even. 

It's no secret I've a complete candle addict. I light candles every single day; I always have one burning away whilst I'm working, and in the evenings when settling down in front of Netflix with the other half, candles are as much a part of our routine as the copious amounts of tea we get through. I just adore candles!

My taste in candles nowadays isn't the cheapest. I like opting for scents which make the entire house smell incredible, with high-quality ingredients that are less toxic. Most expensive candles usually come with a pretty fancy glass, sometimes simply designed, sometimes with something more eye-catching and unique. Beautiful, pretty glasses which seem a shame to throw away when the candle is all burned out.

Over the past six months or so I've started putting these candles to good use, not only making them more worth the money spent on them by up-cycling them, but killing two birds with one stone - using them to store my makeup brushes! 

I use an old Aromatherapy Associates candle to store my cheek brushes, a Rituals candle to store my base brushes and a Daisy de Villeneuve candle to store my eye brushes. It makes it so much easier having them stored separately by use, and I definitely think they look nicer on my dressing table than the big, bulky stationary storage I had before.

I'd love to know how you store your makeup brushes, especially like me if you've up-cycled something (or even done some DIY!). For now, this works perfectly for me, and I'm pretty happy about getting to keep the pretty candle glasses at the same time.