The 15 year old shadows

3 Feb 2015

A picture of French Connection Eyes

I am the worst at letting things go. I like to describe my house as 'cosy and homely', but realistically I'm just a ridiculous hoarder! I find it so hard to throw things away, and that used to apply to my beauty products too. I used to refuse to throw any products away that weren't completely used up - something I've changed over the years after realising how dangerous it can be to both our skin and our health to use products which are long passed their best-by date. Yet there's one little trio of shadows I still can't let go....

A picture of French Connection Eyes

OK, don't panic, I don't actually use these eyeshadows any more, but this little trio of French Connection stackable eyeshadows are the products I have owned the longest. 15 long years, to be precise. I have a cousin who works for French Connection (or used to, I haven't spoken to her in years so she may have moved on to something else now), and whenever she used to visit she would bring us all French Connection treats; clothes, bags, jewellery, makeup. French Connection probably isn't the first brand you'd think of when you think of makeup - but the products I used over the years were all amazing, and I wish they still had such a lovely range of makeup!

Although I haven't used these shadows in years, they were my go-to shadows in high-school and every time I try and say goodbye by popping them in the bin, I simply can't! They always end up back in my stash, hidden away at the back of my dressing table drawer. I'd never dream of using them now; they're just far too old for me to risk the damage they might cause to my eyes and skin - even swatching them leaves my skin feeling irritated and with an almost burning sensation, but the shades are just so, so pretty!

17 was my 'signature' shade growing up, my go-to for most days, especially at school, and a shade I really blooming miss! A soft pink with golden undertones and frost finish, the closest I've found to replace it is MAC Expensive Pink. I don't think I'll ever love a shadow as much as I did this one though, there's nothing more beautiful for a wash of colour over the lids - Expensive Pink will have to do until I find a closer match! 8 is another beauty, a stunning plum with violet undertones and shimmer finish that actually worked really well when teamed with 17 and blended through the crease, whilst 9 is a deep, warm matte mahogany brown.

I'm sure one day I'll finally be ready to let these go, and in the meantime I hope on being able to find shades as close to these as possible to replace them, but until then they'll continue to sit at in my dressing table drawer. 

Do you have any really old makeup in your beauty stash that you aren't ready to let go of yet? Did you ever try the stackable French Connection shadows? Let me know! (And feel free to tell me how crazy I am to keep them, I know, I know!).